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The Unbearable Lightness of Being, a film set in 1968 Prague, is a story of a love triangle between three main characters

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Reynolds Reynolds, Courtney ENC 1102 Professor Woehler October 30, 2012 The Unbearable Lightness of Being The Unbearable Lightness of Being, a film set in 1968 Prague, is a story of a love triangle between three main characters: Tomas, Teresa, and Sabina. Tomas and Sabina have always had a sort of love between one another as they have been making love quite some time, while Tomas also has Teresa, whom he meets on a trip out of town, and soon marries. The couples battle this love for one another, knowing that there is something deeper within this love triangle. Tomas, a surgeon living in Prague, is a persistent womanizer, unable to resist his unending stream of meaningless sexual flings with multiple and yet anonymous women. Tomas has his way with women, and having such good looks, he doesn?t have a hard time getting their attention and convincing them to take off their clothes. Tomas doesn?t have a desire or tendency to change throughout the film. There are points that Tomas gives the suggests that he is going to put away his womanizing ways and be with Teresa, the one who he is married to, yet in the end, he still has the two women, Teresa and Sabina. Tomas is happy with his sexual flings with Sabina and his unending love with Teresa. ...read more.


It is interesting how these characters, though so far apart, come together in the end. Teresa and Tomas have an emotional bond while Sabina and Tomas only have a physical bond. Tomas and Sabina do not share the same bond emotionally that Teresa and Tomas share. Tomas can only have sex with a woman and then leave, but when Teresa comes to Tomas? house, she sleeps over. Tomas obviously has let his guard from women down at this point because the feelings he feels for Teresa are more than just sexual desires. Whereas, when Tomas and Sabina participate in sexual acts, the bowler hat plays a key role. Without the hat, Tomas and Sabina don?t engage in sex. The scene when Tomas visits Sabina at her house and goes to leave, but turns around to see Sabina with the hat on which instantly makes him want to be with her, proves the connection is through the erotic toys and not true love. A connection between Teresa and Sabina begins when Teresa visits Sabina for her photo shoot. Near the end of the shoot there is a physical bond between Teresa and Sabina, when they are both naked playing around with one another. When Teresa enters Sabina?s home, she knows that there are sexual things going on between Sabina and Tomas, and when she sees the unmade bed, it is at that point very clear to her. ...read more.


Growing up with a vulgar mother and in a town where no one reads, Teresa sees the book as a symbol or a way that she can recognize and relate with Tomas in a way that she can?t anyone else. The book remains their point of connection, as they name their dog, their only mutual possession and responsibility, after a character in the book Teresa was reading the first day they were together. Teresa notices the small things and cherishes it all. Teresa looks at life as something much more worthy than Tomas, who cherishes women and who he is going to get to take off their clothes next. Teresa catches an eye in the film and keeps the audience interested in her the entire time. The audience can relate to her feelings in a way that is more difficult to do so with Tomas and Sabina. Teresa is the most appealing character and views life as worthy and cherished other than disposable and worthless. The Unbearable Lightness of Being, a film of a very intense love triangle between three characters in Prague, is filled with symbols of love, adultery, and emotion. The film is a discussion of lightness versus heaviness and which role each character has against the other. The sexuality in the film is never too much because without it the film would be meaningless and serve no purpose. Though sometimes the audience doesn?t understand the purpose of the sex in any given scene, there is deeper meaning behind it. ...read more.

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