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The Unseen Impact of Cell Phones

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´╗┐The Unseen Impact of Cell Phones Today there is an African American president, four dimensional televisions, and other technological innovations that have drastically changed the world over the course of time. One of the greatest technological inventions to hit the 21st century is the cell phone. Cell phones have come so trendy that almost everyone has one, if not two of them. The main reason for the astounding popularity of the cell phone has acquired over the last two decades, or so, are faster, easier, and more convenient communications. In this fast paced society where the people don?t have time for anything, cell phones help to convey ideas fast.These gadgets are convenient and serve many practical uses, however, cell phones can also have negative effects on well being and the economy. ...read more.


25 feet before bringing the car to a complete halt, as compared to a distance of four feet which a drunk driver requires to stop at the same speed. When comparing the two, it has been noted that although individuals may not be drunk, when they text while driving they are driving on the skill level of a person under the influence of alcohol (Naik).. Another adverse impact of cell phones may consist of the environmental damages they can cause (Sedycias). Many people may not be aware of the potential damage to the environment that improper disposal of cell phones can cause. They say our world is our home, and we must treat it like it is our own. ...read more.


Excessive cell phone usage can lead to addiction, especially in teens. It also results in wasted time on compulsive communication with peers via text messages and phone calls. The main reasons cell phone addiction is so prevalent are rooted in advertising schemes. The cell phone industry is the largest single consumer market in the world; it is one of the leading causes of bankruptcy, and is one of the highest markets in the economy (Anderson). Cell phones allow greater accessibility options in case of emergencies, gadgets, entertainment and other advantages. While cell phones are valuable and serve many practical uses, they can also have negative effects on wellbeing and the economy. With automobile accidents, environmental effects, and addiction being some of the most common negative effects of cell phones, humans today will continue to emerge their cell phones in their everyday lives. ...read more.

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