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The Weed Times

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The Weed Times Price: 2 cents Date: 2/2/1922 Contents: 1. Rapist on the run. More details page.2 2. Old John's Farm burnt down. Police suspect his worker. More details in pages 4-6 3. Economic crisis continues. More details in pages 3-4 LENNIE SMALL IS IN "BIG" TROUBLE "Ranch worker attempts to rape young Sally" Our peaceful town of Weed was shaken from the fact that a ranch worker named Lennie Small attempted to rape young Sally just outside her fathers ranch. ...read more.


He ripped her 1-week-old red dress, which her mother gave her just before her death. He carried on holding it while young Sally screamed. Then George another worker of the same ranch, who is rather thin, ran to the scene of the crime and waked Lennie with a fence post. You can say that that was Lennie's only kryptonite. After this young Sally fainted and both George and Lennie disappeared. The victim young Sally What did Uncle Sam say? ...read more.


Then Sally fainted and the two of them ran towards the woods. I would have chased them but I had to help Sally." The consequences of Lennie's action... As I said before, after Lennie Small attempted to rape the young girl unsuccessfully so he left our town and headed towards the woods. There is a search for him and the one who finds him will have the reward of $100 from Sally's father. Sadly the searches up to now are ineffective because not even the dogs can detect Lennie Small. If found Lennie Small will be immediately hunged by the neck in the town square. By: Stelios Malathouras ...read more.

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