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The women in Willy Russell's plays

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Year 10 First coursework unit: The women in Willy Russell's plays I have studied three of Willy Russell's plays these are Blood Brothers, Educating Rita and Shirley Valentine. The women in Willy Russell's plays are strong characters and they all know what they want in life. In the three plays I will be comparing and contrasting Mrs Lyons and Mrs Johnston from blood brothers, Rita from Educating Rita and Shirley from Shirley Valentine. The three plays are set in Liverpool this could be because Willy Russell is from Liverpool. The characters have high hopes and ambitions and want to achieve something in life. Mrs Lyons main ambition is to have a child of her own but unluckily, she and her husband are unable to have children. This leads her to become more and desperate to have a child. So when Mrs Johnston finds out that she is expecting twins she can't afford to look after two more children. Mrs Lyons persuades her to give one of the children to her. Eventually, when Mrs Lyons actually gets the child she becomes paranoid and overprotective because she is afraid that Eddie will find out that he is not her child. Or Mrs Johnston will tell Eddie that he is her child and belongs to her. ...read more.


Mrs Johnston is from a lower class part of Liverpool to Mrs Lyons. Mrs Johnston lives in never ending poverty and debt. She lives through her children so when they get into trouble she is disillusioned but still stands by them and hopes that it won't happen again. When the day arrives the chance to move to the countryside she takes it, because she thinks that it is her chance to get out of the poverty trap and give a successful life for her children. She doesn't have anyone to help her all the men she has been with have let her down let her fight and survive on her own. She tries to get a job and when she finally does, it doesn't go to plan because Mrs Lyons sacks her. The only things she has high hopes for are her children but still they get into trouble. Rita's life is boring and typical. Rita is from a lower class part of Liverpool. She is a typical hairdresser and is fed up with her life she wants more out of life. Rita begins to make progress. After coming back from summer school, she is overjoyed at her experience. ...read more.


When it's time to go back home, see wants to stay in Greece and stay as Shirley Valentine. When she goes back to Costas', bar she sees him chatting up another lady with the same word he used on her. Despite this instead of being upset, she just laughs and asks if she can have a job. When Joe finds out she isn't coming back he decides to go find her and make her go back home with him. I learn that all the women are isolated and they all have problems of their own. Mrs Lyons has everything the other characters dreamed of a happy marriage, money and a big house but she doesn't have a child of her own. Mrs Johnston has a sad life the harder she tries to make her life a success the worse it gets. At the end of the play, she doesn't even have any of her twin sons. Shirley finally finds herself when she goes to Greece she succeeds in what she wanted to do. She becomes Shirley Valentine again. Rita also succeed in what she wanted to do she gets an education and gains confidence. At the end of the play she has choices, which she didn't have before. Grade A piece of coursework 9/10 Sabrina Bagria ...read more.

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