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This essay is comparing the 1952 film and the 2002 film, 'The Importance of being Earnest'

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The Importance of being Earnest This essay is comparing the 1952 film and the 2002 film, 'The Importance of being Earnest'. This was first a play written in 1895, by Oscar Wilde. This essay is going to express and show the differences and similarities between the two films, using the play script as a reference. 'The Importance of being Earnest' is about two handsome men, who go bunburying. Bunburying is when people make things up, for their convenience, and to get out and not be questioned. Jack and Algy do this to be with the girls they love, the even lie about their names. Earnest means to be truthful, to show your true feelings, and think about the future actions, to be serious, this is why it is important to be Earnest. But this is reverse psychology, as no one is serious in the films. The film 'The Importance of being Earnest' is a comedy or romance. The film catches yours interest, with a good first scene. Also when Jack and Algy pretend to be different people 'Bunburying', and it is hard to keep up, this is very funny and you want to find out what will happen. ...read more.


In the later film, in 2002, Lady Bracknell is the total opposite to Edith Evans. Judi Dench played lady Bracknell and is short and fat, this also makes her look frightening. Judi Dench did not stress the words, and did not really suit playing Lady Bracknell. Although she does do it well, by breaking into horrified whispers when she is angry, unlike Edith Evans who just shouts. Also Miss Prism was very fat giving a frightening impression, but in a total different way to Lady Bracknell. Also Miss Prism seemed quite persuasive, this is because her face looks rather frightening. In the 2002 film Miss Prism looks very skinny with a scrawny face, unlike Lady Bracknell in the first film (who was skinny too.) Lady Bracknell was frightening. Anna Massey who played Miss Prism looks very brittle, looking less frightening, making her less persuasive. The other characters in 'The Importance of being Earnest' are not that different, and are kind of portrayed the same. In the 2002 film the characters act different towards each other, compared to the characters towards each other in 1952. In 2002 the characters have more contact towards each other and would kiss and hug, in 1952 this was not appropriate, and therefore the characters hugged less frequently, and rarely kissed. ...read more.


Also like the 1952 film the opening and shutting of doors was very good. There was quiet a lot of background music, with a regular song being sung every now and then, even by the actors themselves. The movement of the camera in the latest film, showed lots of movement, and was never stationary for long. It had many good long shots, such as; the scene on the balcony, when Jack and Algy pretended to like each other, to cecily and the others. After strangling each other. There are also some close ups, but not as many as in the first film. The first film is very stationary, but obviously being filmed in side, there was not as much space for longer shots. In conclusion, I feel that each film was good in different ways. I personally preferred the 2002 film, as it was 'up-to-date' and I could understand more of it, and I found it rather funny. But I also like the first film, as Edith Evans (Lady Bracknell) was very funny, and the film had some hilarious scenes in. I think both films are worth watching and the older version is more for adults, whereas the younger film is more for teenagers or young adults. I would class both films, as a 'film to watch'. ...read more.

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