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thomas hardy

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Comparisons of "I look into my glass" and "mirror". I have compared the two poems "Mirror" by Sylvia Plath and "I look into my glass" by Thomas Hardy. I believe "Mirror" is about a mirror describing an old woman's reflection, she can't accept they way that she looks "whatever I see I swallow immediately" and is sad. "I look into my glass" is about an old man who looks at himself and believes he is dieing, he knows he has grown old. "Mirror" is about an old woman's reflection and how the mirror thinks she looks unhappy and depressed. "In me she has drowned a young girl," here she says her young self has drowned, which implies it's died and only the old in her is left. Sylvia also says that the little girl who used to look into the mirror is gone and her old self rises to the mirror "like a terrible fish". ...read more.


But in the middle it starts to describe her as an old woman who is becoming less beautiful and is becoming less popular and pretty. Maybe it's a midlife crisis but it seems like Sylvia wants to hang on to her beauty and the lies people tell her about how she is still beautiful. "Then she turns to those liars." This also makes me think that this is another reason for Sylvia's mental illness. Comparisons of "I look into my glass" and "mirror". "I look into my glass" is about on old man who doesn't like how old his appearance is, "Shakes this fragile frame at eve". This implies the man is really dainty and is probably really skinny which he doesn't like I believe the poem was written when Thomas Hardy was grieving for his decided wife, "could lonely wait my endless rest." ...read more.


Both "Mirror" and "I look into my glass" are depressing poems but "Mirror" is talking from an inanimate object where as "I look into my glass" is written from a person's feelings. Both poems are also about love but "I look into my glass" is about losing someone you love where as "Mirror" is about self-love and how she (the mirror) has to give itself self esteem to keep itself going. Both poems seem to be based on the author's lives and the problems they have both encounted. "I look into my glass" is about the death of Thomas Hardy's wife and how much he grieves for her. "Mirror" is about Sylvia Plath's ex-husband and of how he broke her heart when he had an affair. Both the poems are alike with the genre and are both depressing but they where written from two different scenarios, with different feeling and using different points of view (like the mirror and the glass) to draw effect. Scott Maxwell-king 1 ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

The writer has not achieved an adequate understanding of either poem. Any essay on poetry needs to be clear about themes, tone and poetic techniques employed, and it is often a good idea to structure a comparison essay by developing a well-argued and substantial section on each of these areas, supporting the points made by appropriate quotation and textual evidence.
Also, beware of viewing poems as wholly autobiographical. Even when poetry draws on the life and experience of the poet, the act of writing is always transformational and the poem which emerges is usually much more than a life history.

Marked by teacher Val Shore 24/04/2012

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