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Travel Writing Australia

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Travel Writing Coursework Down Under It's the driest, hottest, most infertile and climately aggressive of all the inhabited continents, home to the most dangerous animals on the planet. Australia is a country tanned red by the scorching sun that beams down endlessly throughout the year like the sea lapping gently against the shoreline. With a population of only a third of England, shared between six cities, to Australians anything vaguely rural is the bush. At some undetermined point this becomes the outback, push for a further 2,000 miles and eventually you come to the bush again, then a city, then the sea. That's Australia. Sydney is situated in the foothills of the Blue Mountains whose rocky outcrops provide a dramatic backdrop to the city. It is a warm and friendly city where the people are cheerful, extrovert and quick-witted, apart from a tendency among men of a certain age to wear knee-high socks with shorts. ...read more.


The cable car sways from side to side in a hypnotic fashion, as if it were trying to put you into a deep trance. My mother being a chronic sufferer of vertigo was less than keen on the idea of being suspended 300m above the picturesque valley, with her life hanging in the balance, all for the sake of some 6x4 photos. The 3 sisters, a famous rock formation, were however on a grand enough scale to be seen without the aid of a cable car. The aboriginal legend behind their occurrence has it, that 3 sisters of the Katoomba tribe had fallen in love with 3 brothers of the Nepeen tribe. Their tribal laws forbade them to marry; this then led to tribal battle. As the 3 sisters were in danger a witchdoctor took it upon himself to protect them, so he turned them into stone to keep from harm. ...read more.


As you may have guessed, this wasn't quite how they did it in the mountains. Once all the ingredients were in the billy can our guide began to talk us through the process of 'swinging the billy' in a classic Australian drawl. "Right then first we grab the billy and start the swinging motion, watch yourself it's hot! Now we swing it right 'round, that should settle the leaves to the bottom. And that's what we call swinging the billy!! Now for you Brits there's milk over there, why'd you wanna spoil a perfectly good cuppa tea, is beyond me!" Back to the restless city, it takes a while for your senses to adjust to the dazzling lights and the constant buzz, occasionally interrupted by sirens and car horns. Although I'm glad to be back in Sydney a part of me will miss the peace and serenity that was the Blue Mountains. ?? ?? ?? ?? Michael Finch RPF 1 ...read more.

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