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Travel Writing - Trebarwith Strand

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'The Strand' One of my favourite 'getaways' is luckily not that far away for me, I don't even need a vehicle to get there. Just two and a half miles from Delabole, my hometown, along the winding country lanes, across fields and footpaths I arrive at my haven, Trebarwith Strand. Trebarwith Strand is located on the North Coast of Cornwall and is part of one of the most beautiful stretches of coastline in South West England. At low tide there is almost a mile long stretch of beach. The vast cliffs, impressive rock fall, caves, coves and the picturesque Gull rock sitting offshore makes an excellent scene, one that has even been popular with the film industry*. This spectacular area has so much for everyone. From couples to kids, families to friends there are activities that can be experienced for everyone. ...read more.


'Back ways' and Tregardoc are the most popular and are clearly sign posted along the footpath. Furthermore, if a surfer, Tregardoc can offer even better waves than Trebarwith but take heed as this beach is not patrolled by lifeguards and is only safe at low tide. Recommendations: Stick to coastal paths and close gates you pass through. If visiting Tregardoc you can walk from Delabole or Trebarwith but there is also parking available at Tregardoc farm. Yet take note it is very limited, possibly ten cars maximum. And remember your camera; most of the best views can only be experienced via foot. Food & Drink: After your day out there are plenty of great restaurants and cafes to grab a bite to eat. There are two cafes situated down Trebarwith and the Port William serves mainly pub food, but it sits above the beach and looks over the whole stretch. ...read more.


However if you feel you need to save money then there are caravans and cheaper accommodation in the surrounding villages Delabole and Tintagel which are both within two miles of the beach. At the bottom of the wooded valley it's an ideal retreat for those who just want to shut out their other life. Many celebrities have chosen Trebarwith as a hideaway, such as Kate Moss, Jude Law and Keith Flint [Prodigy]. So whoever you are; family, couple, on your 'oneses', surfer or celeb Trebarwith will blow you away. Come and experience one of the best beaches in Cornwall***, get a pasty and have a holiday. * Films filmed in Trebarwith include "Saving Grace" [2000], "Oscar and Lucinda" [1997] and most famously as the coast of Illyria for the production of Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night" [1996]. **Life Guard Season = May 19th till 23rd September 2008 *** Recommended in Marine Conservation Authority Good Beach Guide 2006 and Encams Seaside Award 2006 **** Dog Friendly Beach ?? ?? ?? ?? Ben Swain ...read more.

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