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Travel writing.

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Alex Norwood 10Y1 G.C.S.E ENGLISH COURSEWORK ASSIGNMENT NON- FICTIONAL PIECE - TRAVEL WRITING Burnley born un' bred. Believe it or not, I'm actually quite proud of my home town. I'm also a loyal supporter of Burnley F.C, taking excessive amounts of time and money to travel the length and bredth of the country watching the mighty Claret and Blues - loyal or stupid? Oh how I often wonder . . . And here I am now, sitting in the Bob Lord Stand watching the Worthington Cup tie between Burnley and our neighbours Blackpool. The game isn't so enthralling. My mind is more focused on the 'nitty gritty' of Burnley than the local derby I see before my very eyes. I have to say, the Bob Lord Stand is not really my cup of tea. It is packed to the rafters with what you might call 'old school' Burnley fans (in other words, pensioners). ...read more.


By the look on the faces of his surrounding friends, I believe I was correct in thinking they too shared my views on their total prat of a friend. My attention is then drawn to a group of teenage girls who are in what seems to be some kind of uniform. If I didn't know any better, I would have been fairly confident that they were all part of some strange religious sect. However, when you have lived in Burnley all your life, you begin to understand that the 'fashion' amongst the brainless lassies from the less deprived areas of town, is to dress as if you are ready to spend the night on numerous street corners. The funniest thing is that I have spent my entire years of adolescence turning my nose up at the dense female characters that can be seen parading around Burnley all day and all night, and I am ashamedly beginning to realise that the longer I stay here, the more chance there is of me setting up home with one of Burnley's finest . ...read more.


Eventually they get bored, and their extremely short attention span switches to causing an immense amount of trouble. So, with their union jack patterned bowler hats and each of them clad with some item of Burberry clothing (which is common as muck amongst the numbskulls with only two and a half brain cells and only a job on t'bins to occupy their daily activity), they turn to each other and decide to embark on what the whole of Burnley has been trying to avoid for a long time - racist riots. For these half heads it was fun and they got a full scale inner city riot for their troubles. If only they had been present in the lesson which taught social skills at school, they would have the common sense to realise that it doesn't cost a thing to be civilised. Well, Burnley have just scored and it is time for that goal celebration. So, here it goes . . . ...read more.

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