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Trench Warfare Assignment

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3rd November, 1915 Dear Diary Since the creation of the trenches, the life of us soldiers has turned upside down. It was painstakingly tiring building the trenches; two meters deep and wide, as well as the complicated zigzag design. We all dread the moment the trenches were originally built for, 'going over the top', a soldiers nightmare. Without the vital communications between the trenches, our enemies would have controlled us. The conditions are appalling; we suffer from serious lice and rat infestations, even in the dry weather! We insist we have plenty to eat, to maintain our energy. Here is our list of army rations per day: However cooking in the trenches was a real problem. There was no manner in the way things were cooked, everything tasted the same. When we weren't pre occupied with lice and rats, we often spent time worrying about the weather. When it rained we spent most of our time in 4th November, 1915 Dear Diary I never thought I would write to you so soon, but our battlefield has gone through drastic changes. ...read more.


I'm going to describe these weapons of mass destruction. Artillery Our general emphasised that this was our most important weapon. We have positioned them strategically, so when the battle starts we will bombard the opposition with explosive shells. Machine Guns Machine guns would require a gun crew of four to six people. They could fire 400-600 rounds per minute. Each weighed 30kg-60kg, often without their mountings, carriages and supplies. However our commander has predicted that the Germans will face the machine gun in surprise, since they do not think it is of any importance. It is easily the most powerful gun in the battlefield, so we will show 'em! Past experience has told me that the machine gun is not so desirable in battle, since they rapidly overheat and become inoperative without the aid of cooling mechanisms. Johnny 7th November, 1915 Dear Diary I would like to tell you more about the weapons we are going to use in the war. This might be the last day of peace, before the war begins. Grenades For close range fighting, (which was inevitable in battle) ...read more.


Despite the horrors and the hardships, my morale is quite high and I believe that in the New Year the nation's army will march towards a glorious victory. We recently had a meeting with our enemies, in no-man's land. Far from wishing to attack, the Germans seemed inclined to make Christmas a quiet period, in which they could enjoy memories of home. A truce was made, to end this terrible suffering, war and in-humanity. We shook hands, showed family photographs and exchanged small items such as food and tobacco. For the most part of the day, the German armies took advantage of the opportunity to repair and drain their trenches, and to bury their dead. As with all good things, the truce must end. My captain Ian Stockwell of the Royal Welsh Fusiliers, recalled how after a truly 'Silent Night,' he fired three shots into the air at 8.30 am on 26th December. The German officer who had agreed to the truce appeared at his battle line. They bowed, saluted and climbed back into their trenches. A few moments later, Stockwell heard the German fire two shots into the air, and said, 'The war is on again.' God bless us all. Johnny (1896-1916) ...read more.

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