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Trip of a lifetime.

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Trip of a lifetime Transport: From London to Mexico I will take the plane because it is very easily accessed and easy to use. It only takes a few hours and taking the car or train would take far to long. From Mexico to Panama I will take the car because these places are not very far apart and so it is very easy to get to Panama. To go to Brasilia I will probably take the Train because there is no point flying because it is not to far away and taking the car would take to long. To Nigeria I would like to take the Boat as it is a different experience and there are more things to see. To go to Seychelles I would take the train and then the Boat. I chose this because with car you can see many things and there is no other choice than taking the Boat to the island. ...read more.


Hong Kong Weather: In Hong Kong the weather is very changeable. From March to mid May the Temperatures are around 18�C (64�F) to 27�C (80�F). Sometimes there are Showers so always carry around a raincoat. Occasionally they have mist so always carry around a Jumper. From late May to the mid of September the Temperatures are from round about 26�C (79�F) to 33�C (91�F). At this time of Year it rains even more and so I advise you to take a Raincoat. Scenery: The scenery there is beautiful because there is a lot of Water where many activities can take place like sailing. [image001.jpg] Hong Kong and its Waters. There are a lot of Beaches and one of them is Deep water Bay. Another beautiful spot is Repulse Bay where there is a golden sand beach, beautiful view, a variety of restaurants, and a traditional Life Guard Club with two huge statues of Kwun Yum and Tin Hau, both protectors of fishermen. ...read more.


There are store- value cards for both rail systems, called as the Octopus Card for faster and cheaper way to travel. By trams Trams only serve the north shore of Hong Kong Island from Shau Kei Wan in the east to Kennedy Town in the west. The service operates from 7 am to midnight. By ferry The Star Ferry connects Hong Kong Island and Kowloon with the Outlying Islands. The ferry services cross- harbour routes. By road There are only three roadway tunnels to connect the Island to the mainland. But there are buses and taxis. Why I would like to go: I would like to go because they have a very different culture, they speak a different Language and they dress different. They have new places that I have never seen before and things I could go and have a look at. I could try to learn some things from their Language and try to behave the way and dress the way they do. ...read more.

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