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Turning point. Walking past the corridor, I saw a student being punished, and I couldnt help but be filled with nostalgia, bad memories. I too was once caught up in such an embarrassing situation

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English 101, Section 8 Reflective Essay A Turning Point Walking past the corridor, I saw a student being punished, and I couldn't help but be filled with nostalgia, bad memories. I too was once caught up in such an embarrassing situation, being punished and disgraced in front of my entire class just because of my "brilliant" idea which went wrong. While I was in high school Year 10, like everyone else, I was in a celebrative mood jumping for joy, as it was the last week of school before the long school break. However, our laughter and happiness came to an abrupt halt as the form teacher of our class Mr Mann entered the classroom. ...read more.


I knew I would be punished therefore, overwhelmed with fear, I came out with this "brilliant" idea which is to forge out my parent's signature. "Everything should be fine if I play my cards right," I said to myself. Next day came D-day, trying to stop trembling like a leaf while handing up my report card, Mr Mann glared at me. Everything was over when he twitched his eyebrows and questioned me, I was caught red handed. He firmly admonished me in front of my whole class. Drama was unfolding before me just like in TV shows. He was hell bent on making a lesson to be learnt to the entire class out of me. "Well, do you have anything to say?" asked Mr Mann, in his mild and calm manner. ...read more.


It taught me that honesty is always the best policy no matter what happens. Putting aside my studies just because it is not something which I prefer over sports do not benefit me in anyway. Cheating does not bring nor benefit me but only brings out more trouble. I also realized that my parents always wanted what's best for me. Giving me loads of education in terms of academic, sports, music and even computer lessons, I never knew it could be that useful in building up a strong character and confidence in me. Most importantly my future, in who I want to be and what would make them proud. The lessons I learned from this incident has enriched my life and made it much more meaningful in which I promise to strive in studies and also sports. As saying goes, it's always never too late. (641 words) ...read more.

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