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Twelth Night, or what you will - Olivia, The countess of the countess's household - Viola, A visitor of the Island Illyria, which will later be called Cesario - Malvolio, The countess's steward.

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* Characters; I have a recommended choice from either, 1. Olivia, The countess of the countess's household. 2. Viola, A visitor of the Island Illyria, which will later be called Cesario. 3. Malvolio, The countess's steward. I am going to choose Viola. Because I believe that there is more information to write up on this character because of two sides's to write about one person. (So therefore, more to write about and less research!) How would you present your character in a film/theatre production? I would present my Twelfth Night play as a film, due to sound, lighting, and computer effects, and also because you can change the scenery in a matter of second's in a film where as you can only use 1 set in a theatre. ...read more.


Most of the crew survive but are unknown in the play; the Captain and Viola escape on the same life raft and get washed up on the shores of Illyria. This island is where the whole of the play takes place and where the countess and duke both live. The play begins; The play starts off at Orsio's palace (act1 scene1), with Orsino saying "if music be the food of love play on" (words follow) and goes to act 1 scene 2, which shows viola and the captain in a life boat all tired and disorientated, Viola "what country is this dear sir?" Captain "this place be Illyria, me lady" Viola "and what should I do in Illyria? My brother he is in Elysium. Perchance he is not drowned; what think you sir? ...read more.


(Clown) I find feste the most interesting character because not only is he more clever than most people on the island Example; Act1 scene5 line 53 Olivia "well, sir, for want to other idol ness, I'll bide your proof" Feste "Good Madonna, why morn'st thou?" Olivia "good fool, for my brothers death" Feste "I think his soul is in hell, Madonna" Olivia "I know his soul is in heaven, fool" Feste "the more fool you Madonna, to mourn your brothers soul being in heaven. Take away the fool gentlemen." but he uses technical words to humiliate other people. Feste belongs to the duke to humiliate people and to please him e.g. jokes, dance, and sing songs. Example; O mistress mine, where are you coming? O stays and hears, for your true loves coming, That can sing for both high and low. Trip no further, pretty sweeting; Journeys end in lovers meeting Every wise man son doth know. ...read more.

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