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Under Fire.

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UNDER FIRE It seemed as though it would never stop, the hunger, the crying and the bombing. Not many houses were left standing. It looked like a junk yard, Thanet that is. London was the worst, that's what I hear, I'm not sure about that because I live in Kent just outside London, in 64 Cross Lane, in what's left of it, with what's left of my family. I don't know when it started, there had been several car bomb attacks in London, well all over the country. At first I thought it would stop, that the terrorists were trying to scare us, not go to war with us. Then it came home, literally, my grandparents were killed, a bomb hit their house in the middle of the night while they were asleep. I know the exact date, time, it was like I was there , you see I was their only grandchild, my parents didn't have time for me let alone for another kid so they didn't have any more. I was close to my grandparents, I used to stay over nearly every weekend because my parents were so busy with work. Work, it seems so unimportant now, the more time my parents spent with me the better. ...read more.


People were all hoping America would win, hoping it soon would all be over and no more blood would be spilt. Everything stopped, all the prejudices in America and England were null and void. It did not matter now everyone was united in fighting the terrorists. Everywhere you went, where posters saying 'down with Afghan'. Everyone was on Bush's side. People started to realise that whereever they went they were in danger of being bombed no one was safe anymore. So we went home, well to... what was left of it. There was destruction everywhere nothing was recognisable anymore there were few complete buildings most had no roof or they had walls missing. We were forced to live in my grandparent's old house, which had no roof, it was better than nothing though. Most nights mum would cry herself to sleep. She would try to muffle it by crying into her pillow, hoping I would not hear it through the wall but I could, I could hear it loud and clear. She made it worse. It made me feel as though I couldn't let my emotions out as well as though I had to hide them. Though once I had to let it out just a little, I had sneaked out of bed to listen to her talking to someone "....She doesn't realise what is going on, she's too young. ...read more.


I was on my own. Not long after that I was sent to live with an old couple, that was until I ran away. I could not handle them trying to replace my parents, I just could not take it, so I ran. Two years passed, I had taken all my money, which was not a lot and gone to live in Canterbury. It had become the major place in England now London was in runes, there was nothing left of London it was completely flat. The war was ending. The enemy was retreating. Well that's what everyone thought. For some reason they panicked, the enemy that is. They sent their only atomic bomb out to England. Dates are important, such as when I was born, when my dad died, when my grandparents died, when my mother died and when I died. My life and world I knew ended on the day war supposedly started 23rd April 2010. It hit London right in the middle. The whole of England, including 20 million people were wiped out of existence. Most had been shipped to America throughout the years and had not come back unlike me and my mum. It did not hurt at all, it was just so quick took me by surprise one minute I was there, then my life was over. Just. Like. That.... Katherine Baker Age 14 1/2 Emily Blackwell English Miss Farrell - 1 - ...read more.

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