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Unemployment in South Africa

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Mayur Bedadala Pd.5 Hon Sophomore Composition South Africa Speech Final Unemployment in South Africa South Africa is one of the countries with the highest unemployment rate in the world. Even 25-30% of all the adults who actively searched for a job are still unemployed. You tell me, do these people deserve this horrible penalty. Unemployment is considered as the most important social and political problem that is being faced by the government of South Africa. Throughout the past couple of decades there was an intense debate to come up with a solution, but the results were always insignificant or full of loopholes. ...read more.


How did unemployment affect people physical health? As you all know good nutrition contributes to the greater welfare and happiness of an individual. Unemployed people actually experience the rising of their ill health and mortality rate because of their poverty. This is achieved by having fewer amounts of funds to buy protein foods and medicine. Mal nutrition weakens the whole body of an individual and makes him an easy target for diseases and sometimes may be even death. In a house without a job the people in the household go along with their ability to buy stuff through buying less quality foods. ...read more.


South African government needs to look at their internal resources much closely, and should stop depending on external borrowing, especially from the World Bank. This helps the unemployment situation because if they stop borrowing from other people and learn to make enough for every one in the county by themselves, then they do not fall in debt. So they can offer more government jobs for unemployed people. Another way is to stop using advanced technologies in agriculture and cottage industries located in the rural areas. This helps because when there is less technology then more man power is needed, which provides a job for many unemployed people. If these solutions are immediately considered by the government of South Africa, both the health and the long living of South African people would be enhanced and preserved. ...read more.

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