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Using a close analysis of 3 or 4 poems in this collection, write an essay on how Frost uses ‘the sound of sense’ in his poetry to convey both the difficulties and the worth of ordinary life.

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Robert Frost Essay Using a close analysis of 3 or 4 poems in this collection, write an essay on how Frost uses 'the sound of sense' in his poetry to convey both the difficulties and the worth of ordinary life. In your answer, you should: � Look closely at the effects created by diction, syntax and register in creating the dramatic and emotional tones of the poems � Discuss the effects created by Frost's handling of poetic form � Set out clearly your view of the importance of this technique in communicating the meanings of the poems. Robert Frost uses 'the sound of sense' in 'Out, Out' to create the feeling of repetitive, boring work, through diction, words, such as the repetition of 'snarled' and 'rattled'. It also conveys a love of physical labour and also a peace, with the use of the word 'breeze', which has connotations of a light and airy atmosphere, which makes the workplace seem almost heavenly. ...read more.


'Home Burial' also mimics the natural irregularity of speech, which also goes over the metre of the poem, therefore creating a more natural feeling,' You don't,' she challenged. 'Tell me what it is.' There is also a restricted code of natural speech reflected in this poem and also in ' The Road Not Taken'. The words used in this poem, are similarly Germanic, 'roads', 'wood', and also monosyllabic, 'bent', 'black', 'woods'. The poetic form used in 'Out, Out' is a narrative in blank verse written in a continuous structure (No stanzas, no breaks). Narrative poetry tells a story revealed by a progression unique to itself. There is a rising action, a climax and a falling action. This from allows Frost to create a situation that appears, not only to be like a day in the life of the narrator, but also allows him to create the feeling of this being something that happens all the time, and that it is not a significant event in the day. ...read more.


In 'Home Burial' Frost uses the sound of sense only, 'Don't, don't, don't, don't,' she cried.' 'I'm not, I'm not'. All those emotions come through the words - the terror, fear, anger, denial, and anger again. The voice inevitably builds those emotions into the words. There is no way to read 'Home Burial' in a flat voice. In 'The Road Not Taken' Frost uses verbal irony- the speaker knows he will tell the old story 'with a sigh' of a choice that 'made all the difference.' The uses of a sigh brings the story alive, it's almost as if the reader is experiencing the situation for themselves. Frost also makes use of symbol; the forked road represents choices in life. This also adds to the effect of putting the reader in the situation. In conclusion Frost uses the' sound of sense' in many ways, and in many different forms. He uses completely different styles of poetry in all three of the poems I have analysed; yet he still manages to use the sound of sense consistently. ?? ?? ?? ?? Jenna Leonard ...read more.

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