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Violence in ireland- Original writing peice

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Violence. A concept that has been strife in Northern Ireland since the civil rights campaign, which began in 1969. The campaign was started to liberate rights for Roman Catholics. The right to vote. The right to decent jobs. Basically the right to a good standard of living. There was never any in depth documentation about the troubles. The only stories to hit our tabloids were that of British soldiers being killed or intense riots. The story of how the people saw the troubles never truly surfaced. This is the story of Catholic Kieran Gerard. Kieran first started noticing religious intolerance's in his early teens. Protestants were becoming increasingly aggressive in public, attacking random people and starting fights. However these events only occurred when the Protestants were in the majority, when they were in-groups of ten or more. The diversity between the two branches was even more apparent to Kieran when searching for jobs in the tabloids. ...read more.


The people never got say. For example, there was a large business in the Protestant area called Mackies. The man who owned the business hired 5000 employees, predominantly Protestants. He was therefore enabled 5000 votes thus ensuring the power remained with the Protestants. Even in Government it was clear where the power lied. There was an organisation in Northern Ireland, quite similar to the Freemasons called the Orange Order. All the government officials were members and all were Protestants. If any member married or let their family marry a Catholic, they were expelled. The violence truly broke out when Kieran was around sixteen. Travelling became extremely dangerous, even simply walking or catching a bus could result in somebody losing his or her life. The neighbour hood that Kieran lived on was typical of a Catholic estate, you had to be street wise to survive. Overnight however, the streets became a battlefield. This was the time that Kieran experienced gunfire for the first time. ...read more.


If no money was presented they would send 'heavies' around to try and 'persuade' you to donate. 'knee capping' was a very common method of 'persuasion' (being shot in the knee caps) and was a threat brandished to Kieran when caught buying the soldier a drink. Kieran had nearly lost his life several times. A car bomb ignited outside of his flat, causing the walls and the ceiling to collapse. Describing it as 'just like the movies' where everything happened in slow motion, the explosion ripping everything in its path to shreds. This was the final straw for Kieran. He decided to move to England. He wanted to live in a place where he could say what he liked and go where he pleased. "It was nice to live in a place where nobody cared if you were Catholic or Protestant" the only people to ever ask that question were the one's who also moved from Belfast. However they never asked the question directly. They would ask. What is your name? Where did you live? What school did you go to? ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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