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War In The Air

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War In The Air In this question I am going to tell you whether or not planes were the most important aspect of the war. Planes in 1914 were usually one passenger aircraft with double wings, they only had one propeller and were not entirely balanced. Many of the planes were the same apart from the symbol on the side of each plane to distinguish what side they were on. In 1914 planes were not as beneficial as they are today. Because they were only single seater aircraft they could not transport anybody but the pilot himself anywhere. They could not evacuate any civilians because the enemy saw them as a target. ...read more.


These were huge bags of hydrogen gas that ran on engines. They were mainly used for escort ships and hunting U boats. They were able to spot U boats on the surface and would warn escort warships by radio. But if I had to say which side had the best ones I would say the Germans because their ships were faster and more airborne than many of the early planes. The German Fleet used these for observation. The Airships were not useful for attacking because they couldn't really carry enough bombs to do any real damage. In the beginning the Germans had 130 serviced zeppelins 39 of which were lost in action, 7 lost in bad weather and 38 in a serious accident. ...read more.


There were now many different types of planes such as Sopwith Camels and Fokker Triplanes. It was now easier to distinguish the different types of planes that pilots flew. They were now visibly faster and more nimble than they were before. In Conclusion I would say that "The War In The Air" was not the most important aspect to the outcome of the war but I would say that it was important for helping the troops in the trenches because of the delivering of food and other cargo such as guns, clothes, bombs and other such materials that were useful to helping the soldiers. But if I said that the most important front was the home front then I would say that it if it wasn't for "The War In The Air" then the soldiers on the home front wouldn't have survived. ...read more.

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