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War of the Worlds Essay.

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War of the Worlds Essay War of the Worlds is a book which was written by H.G Wells in 1989, the book depicts the end of mankind at the peril of Martians. The main fears at that time where highlighted in this book. H.G Wells was a man of science, when in education he received many science awards and he liked to write science fiction novels. Some of his well known novels where ' The Time Machine' and 'The Invisible Man' these where some of his well known books but 'War of the Worlds' must be his most popular as it is still read over a hundred years after he wrote it. At the start of the book an object is seen flying towards earth by the narrator and his friend who are both scientists, this object was a metal cylinder which landed on Horsell common, a crowd gathers and they're all amazed at what is lying in front of them. ...read more.


At the same time as the tentacles appearing the crowd started running in all directions. The Martians didn't move anywhere as the scientist seemed to think they wouldn't because of the difference in gravity on mars and earth, on earth the Martians would be heavier. With the Martians not moving the humans thought that they wouldn't be very powerful, but little did they know about the Martians light rays. When the Martians first use there light ray the crowd go into a frantic rush to leave the common. When the narrator see the immense power of the Martians he says "an ungovernable terror gripped me" Throughout the book there is an imbalance of power, this is with the Martians having there immensely powerful light rays and the humans only having there guns. The main quote which shows the imbalance of power is "its bows and arrows against the lightening anyhow". ...read more.


Also at that time the British where colonising many countries, one of these where Africa. The quote which was used in the book about bows and arrows is also linked to countries like Africa having basic weapons when the British had guns etc. Around that time many people believed that there might have been men on mars. H.G Wells manages to incorporate some of the fears of mechanisation through the way which the Martians are portrayed. The way which the Martians treated the humans is identified by the way which the British was treating the countries which they where colonising. Today people never have the same fears at what people had back when The War of the Worlds was written, this is mainly because scientist have managed to prove more things and technology is much more advanced now days. Although the main fears of today are nuclear war and weapons of mass destruction. Andrew Hemmington - Page War of the Worlds Essay 10 ZNA Page 1 of 2 ...read more.

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