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War of the Worlds Review

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Martins from Mars Find Earth A Book Review of "The War of the Worlds" Any book written by Herbert George Wells is sure to keep you fascinated and feel like you were in the scene, as he has gained the reputation of the father of science fiction. Any science fiction addict is sure to have "The Island of Dr Moreau" , "the Time Machine" and "The War of the Worlds" on their bookshelf. Today I will be reviewing "the War of the Worlds". The book commences by a philosopher in a small town in England called "Woking". The Philosopher is a character that has a strong grip on reality, determination, good judgement and the will to live. Then one night he is distracted by what he thinks is meteor. This is investigated in the morning and Ogilvy the astronomer find the so called meteor, and after a while it is realised that it is not a meteor but a cylinder with something alive inside, thought to be a man. ...read more.


The philosopher then ran away terrified, and collapsed, when he regained consciousness he returned to his house. The Martians work in the pit, and the military becomes involved. The Philosopher and his wife escape to Leatherhead, where they have cousins. The Philosopher then ventures back to Woking to return the dog cart he had borrowed, when he see's a towering metal tripod in the storm, and he finds the innkeeper dead. A Martian controls this machine from inside. So the Philosopher rushed home, and invites an artilleryman who tells him what had happened. They head off in the morning, and avoid danger to try and get to Leatherhead and caught by five Martin Machines and decide to jump in the water. The water becomes hot and he drifts to the river bank and falls asleep. When he awakes he finds the Curate of the Church confused. ...read more.


On the fifteenth day he is convinced they have left there pit and comes out only find the setting around him is covered with an alien plant called red weed, which the Martians brought with them. He then ventures back to London when he finds the Artilleryman with impossible plans and continues. When he reached to London he hears the phrase "Ulla Ulla Ulla Ulla ". He then finds the dead Martins in there huge pit, as that sound was them dying and they had been killed by the Earth's bacteria. Things slowly return to normal. A theme in the book is the overthrow of men, as they could take over the Earth and then Men would be forced to fear the Martins, and become a breeding device like we meat to survive. So we would be treated as animals and expected for food. Another theme is the horrors of war, this includes the death, ruins of cities, and the landscape cover with dead skeletons not buried, and the race against everyone to survive this horrible event. ...read more.

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