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War Time

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War Time Suddenly, a scream of mechanical chaos flooded the air it was an air raid siren, I jumped out of my chair and ran up the rickety stairs towards the bedroom and my parents were at the radio; Mum frantically trying to find the right frequency with little success. The war had been uneventful until now. Some people had called it the phoney war but now it appears to be the real thing. My parents twisted sharply with a look of fear as their eyes shot to the wide open door, "James, do you hear that noise? It sounds like an aeroplane" said Mum. Suddenly the house shook as if the ground was moving from under it, bombs were falling. The radio fell from the table as the voice which came from it extinguished with the impact. The noise went on and on until the buzzing noise faded away, the war was now official and I would be made to fight in it. ...read more.


Shells started to fall from the darkness of the night and barely missed my trench. Many good men had died from those shells or worse. A man who used to move the guns around the base that I did my training with had become shell-shocked and now lay in bed moaning like a zombie. The deafening sound of the gunfire was eased by the voice of the General. It's time to go over the top, we grabbed our guns and attached our bayonets. The shelling stopped for a second and we started to run for it. It was nearly impossible to run as the ground swallowed our feet which sank in past the ankles. Men started to fall as the enemy shot us down one by one. I jumped for cover and landed in the now sickeningly red mud. Only a few were left and we were close to the enemy trench. The remaining few of us stood in a crouching position and ran to the other side firing for all we were worth. ...read more.


I pulled back the hammer on the gun and as it clicked he turned to face his death. Hoping the gun didn't blow up in my hand from the amount of muck it had been dipped in, I pulled the trigger. The bullet pierced a hole in his neck and broke through his spine as it blew out the other side of his body. He gave a bird like scream as the blood flowed out of his adams apple and into his cupped hands; he died in seconds as he drowned in his own blood. At that moment, I saw a group of figures at the other side of the trench, it was the German back up. Knowing that I was going to die I rolled into the middle of the trench and got my grenade, I saw them getting closer and now was the time so I pulled the pin with my bloody hands and placed the grenade in my mouth. As I closed my eyes the last thing I heard was the German guns as they fire into my face. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level War Poetry section.

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