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Was Sir Wilfrid Laurier a Prime Minister whose compromises were good or bad for Canada?

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* Was Sir Wilfrid Laurier a Prime Minister whose * * compromises were good or bad for Canada? * Sir Wilfrid Laurier, Prime Minister of fifteen years had to deal with any important issues that affected Canada as well as the world. During the turn of the century, Canada was faced with some of its own share of problems but it was Sir Wilfrid Laurier who dealed with each issue using a compromise. Laurier who was known as a fair compromiser made sure that all of Canada's voices and opinions were heard. Each of his compromises were made by keeping Canada's best interest in mind. Sir Wilfrid Laurier was a good compromiser as he made sure all the voices of the French-Canadians and the English-Canadians were heard. Laurier started being known as a good and reliable compromiser throughout Canada when he was faced to make decisions concerning the Boer War, the Naval Issue and when Manitoba Schools were questioned but at the same time he had to listen to both the English and the French. ...read more.


Laurier was forced to make another compromise that would have to please the English-Canadians and the French-Canadians when Britain started asking Canada to contribute money for their developing navy. This once again caused a disagreement between the French and the English. Britain was anxious for Canada's financial support because they felt that Germany was growing Navy power, which could result in Germans thinking they're superior. When the French-Canadians discovered what Britain wanted, they questioned the Imperial policies. The French-Canadians felt that they should stay clear of the British military scheme. The English-Canadians on the other hand felt that Canada would somehow benefit from the British defence system. Sir Wilfrid Laurier listened to both groups and his compromise was a fair and a practical one. He decided that a Naval Service Bill should be introduced. This would simply mean that Canada would create its own navy that would be run by Canadians, but only during emergencies would the British gain control. Although the navy was never built, Laurier still came up with a brilliant plan. ...read more.


As this compromised didn't necessarily please the French-Canadians, Laurier still made sure his compromise was fair to both the French and the English by still allowing English to be taught in schools as well as teaching other languages if they were needed. Known as a compromiser, Sir Wilfrid Laurier did an exceptional job making sure everyone's beliefs in Canada were noticed. During the issue of the Boer War, Sir Wilfrid Laurier made sure everyone was pleased with his final compromise, which was not to force Canada to war but to send volunteers to take part. When Canada was faced with the Naval Issue, Laurier negotiated his way out of the issue by planning to build a navy for Canada which the British would have access to only during emergencies. During the French-English relations, Wilfrid Laurier tried to satisfy both groups by compromising which was to keep non-religious schools but in if there were ten or more non-English speaking students the school would have to teach that language. During the turn of the century, Laurier solved several problems by making fairly good compromised as a leader of a great nation. Sinthusha Kulasingham Due: Feb 20, 04 Ms. Erry ...read more.

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