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What are Hamlets feelings on pages 74 and 75, and how are they expressed

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What are Hamlets feelings on pages 74 and 75, and how are they expressed? Page 74 is the first time Hamlet is introduced to the audience and this first speech of his is very important as it sets the tone of the play and allows the audience to adjust to the type of genre it is going to be, it also shows how desperate Hamlet is and how distressed he truly is. It tells the plot of the story to the audience and shows why Hamlet is so unhappy at his mother and uncle being married, and the time in which they did so. We immediately begin to see how alone and confused Hamlet on what to do Hamlet really is, so much so almost a third of the speech is basically him contemplating suicide, which is strictly against his religion. ...read more.


Which shows how he is feeling as he expects his mother should be the main support to him in his time of mourning but instead she has abandoned him, this also shows how emotional week Hamlet is from his first sentence. He does talk about the sexual relationship between his mother and uncle, "O, most wicked speed, to post with such dexterity to incestuous sheets! It is not, nor it cannot come to good." This could be Hamlets way of surging energy and guts that will enable him too take vengeance on his father's death and his mothers dishonor towards his father's memory. This also gives the impression that Hamlet is quite week emotionally and is in need of help or guidance, something that he doe's not receive from any of his friends or family, many of who attempt to kill him and I think the fact he often tries to justify his weakness. ...read more.


Hamlet obviously had great respect for his father and despite saying that he is not a great warrior "Married with my uncle, but no more like my father than I to Hercules" his father was and you begin to see that Hamlet's main influence in his life, the one person he admired the most was his father and now he has gone, Hamlet feels very lost and insecure without him and seems to punish himself and continually put himself down throughout the speech creating a very distressed first scene, but ironically he remains one of the few Shakespearean characters which have a sense of humor and as the play progresses we begin to see how sly and sarcastic hamlet can be, especially when talking to Polonius. ...read more.

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