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What are Hardy's intentions in his presentation of Eustacia Vye chapters 1-7? How successful do you think he is?

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What are Hardy's intentions in his presentation of Eustacia Vye chapters 1-7? How successful do you think he is? 'Return of the Native' by Thomas Hardy is a novel emphasising the mysteries of 'Egdon Heath', also the mysteries of one of the main characters, Eustacia. The incredibly deep female protagonist of the novel. The story of 'tempestuous' Eustacia Vye, who longs freedom and love and in doing so causes tragic consequences. Hardy has already made the first chapter of the novel very different to other Victorian novels, by the fact that we are not introduced to any characters and no events take place. We are not introduced to one of the main characters Eustacia Vye until page thirty three but we are introduced through other characters. Hardy does this to give Eustacia an air of mystery, this makes the readers more interested to find out more about her. From the other characters we learn that she is unmarried and very attractive. The first time we visually see Eustacia is on top of a burial mound, we only know it is a female because of the womanly silhouette in front of the sky back pantomime. ...read more.


On Olympus she would have done well with a little preparation. She had the passions and instincts which make a model goddess, that is, those who make not quite a model woman', showing Eustacia as cruel. She sees everyone else as ants to her and so does not care about other people. Eustacia is unconventional and rebellious. She is associated with fire, representing rebellion. Eustacia lights her own fire on the heath, showing her rebelling to the rest of the community and showing her hatred to the heath. Eustacia is unafraid of the heath at night, nothing scares her and she does not care what people think of her. Eustacia is largely associated with witchcraft and many members of the community suspect her of being a witch. She invites Wildeve up to her house the day he has supposedly got married to Eustacia, this shows her careless attitude. She does not care about cheating and does not care about other people. People cannot accuse Eustacia though of hypocrisy because she is aware of and admits her faults. ...read more.


She is associated with images such as fire, a telescope and an hourglass. The time is running out for Eustacia before it will be too late to move out of the heath. She is depressed because she keeps seeing people coming and going and she is trapped. She has an air of exoticism and she is always looking out to the distance. Before we actually meet Eustacia she is a mystery and we would be uncertain of her age. When we have met Eustacia and she has started talking, we realise that she is just a bored teenager. The reader feels sympathy towards her. I think Hardy successfully enchanted the readers with the mystery of Eustacia. He proved her as a powerful woman that could get her hands on anything she wanted. He portrayed her to the audience has very beautiful. Her dangerous and rebellious side was found very attractive by Wildeve. He could not resist temptation. Hardy captured the readers attention in a slightly different way to other Victorian novels. Eustacia proving a memorable character throughout the novel. ?? ?? ?? ?? Return of the Native Bianca L6GLP ...read more.

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