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"What Christians believe about life is up to them. They should not try and make others accept their position"

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A03 "What Christians believe about life is up to them. They should not try and make others accept their position" 'He said to them, "Go throughout the world and preach the gospel to the whole human race" ' The last commandment that jesus gave his disciples in mark's gospel was this one which answers the above statement, and happy are those whose greatest desire is to do what god requires. There are many arguments for and against this issue, this essay will attempt to reach a conclusion on the central issues. The bible is the origin of the christian belief, when in doubt of any situation christians will refer to the bible's advice because they follow jesus the one who died to save them and therefore respect and obey every commandment he gives. ...read more.


We should feel the need to pass our belief because jesus did. Christians have always influenced society to the extent that our laws nowadays are based on the christian principles and traditions. However another christian may argue that jesus' performance in the temple was unncessary and unloving, however in contradiction i can say that we believe that jesus is perfection and did everything correctly on earth, if he was to set an example for us this story is necessary to express the need of preaching actively or inactively. But some Christians go through so much to help others accept their position like Jeremiah who was lowered down a well even then he continued to preach 'like fire in my bone' as he quotes. ...read more.


And if we risk to express our beliefs christians have to live in the real world because you could be in danger of being insensitive. Therefore the main conclusion is that we shouldn't make others accept our position however we shouldn't sit here and do nothing, we should like jesus said preach out loud and try and influence other people. However to use force breaks several other laws in the bible so theres no point obeying one if you're going to break a lot more at the same time. We have to do what love demands but there are limits to our actions, we have got to remember that the other person is also human with feeling and opinions and has exactly the same rights to try and influence you, so like in a challenge its how we portray our arguement that counts and may the best man win. 'Don't force people, influence them!' ...read more.

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