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What do I plan to get in the future four or five years in university?

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Ho Sing Benjamin Tam September 27. 2007 ENG100H1 What do I plan to get in the future four or five years in university? Audience: grade 12 students who will go to university in a short while The society that is running today is generally regarded as a knowledgeable-driven society. Therefore someone who wants to build up a stable and prosperous life in the future will require at least a university degree as a prerequisite to pursue his goal, except he is exceptionally fortunate to be one of the exceptional cases who can succeed despite his or her educational level. University builds up the bridge which can lead you to the direction for your future, and help upgrading yourself both intellectually and mentally. Everyone will have different things that they want to get from university; for myself; I would try to develop myself as a person who will have sufficient abilities and skills who can survive in the nowadays competitive society. For every grade 12 students, it is never so early to consider your own future, so you should try to widen your horizon and look at the things ahead of your in different perspectives. ...read more.


Therefore I think the attachment with club activities in the university will be remarkably useful to make my university life more fruitful and also help building the fundamental skills for my future. In elementary school and high school, we have countless chances to learn a lot of skills but we may not be mature enough to fully utilize them all. When we are now around eighteen years old, I think we are at the right age to develop and diversify our skills more utterly. We have to open our mind to attempt all kind of different things in order to explore our hidden potential and transform it into our strengths. It might be an abstract idea but it is actually a possibility. For example, I can develop my conversational and presenting skills by joining the debate society and I can also develop my badminton skills by joining the badminton training program. There are a lot of hidden and concealed side of the world which are awaiting for us to discover so skills are always prefer more than less. ...read more.


I think life is as simple as a car, which travels to destination from different routes and needs to refuel when it is out of order. As life goes on, we always need to persistently update ourselves so as to keep ourselves on track. Different people have different approaches towards their goals, but the theory is still identical - completely believe in yourself and endeavor to insist on your own principle. Although there is no absolute in life as we are not prophet, but I hope my four year plan will work out so that I will be ready to tackle the upcoming challenges in my future career. Life is always expecting the unexpected. I love challenge because either I succeed or fail, I will grow up in some extents. How about you? Are you ready for the challenge lie ahead of you? Let me reiterate that the future is being gasped on your own hand and I hope all of you will be able to answer the questions when you enroll in university. Remember, we are the future prominent pillar for the society so therefore get prepared and you will have a bright and exciting career waiting for you. ...read more.

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