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What effects did the Second World War have on the lives of ordinary people in Sheffield between 1939-1945?

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What effects did the Second World War have on the lives of ordinary people in Sheffield between 1939-1945? The Second World War lasted for a dreadful six years. It had a massive effect on ordinary people in Sheffield. These affects were mainly due to the bombing raids. This made people to become homeless, so people may have lived on the streets. There were 40,000 people who were reported homeless, 3,000 houses were damaged and also 3,000 houses, which were demolished. Several other issues affected people in many ways there was home life, personal life, and work life and leisure time. These effects include many things. Home life had been deeply affected during the war. During the war people had been forced out of their homes due to air-raid attacks. After the bombings the houses were either demolished or damaged. Rationing was the main area, which affected home life. Rationing and shortages made a huge difference to what people ate, worn and owned and even what they grew in their gardens. Rationing was necessary because the rich could buy the food since they had the money to do so. ...read more.


Another campaign, which the government started, was 'Make do and mend'. People started to recycle old clothes, unpicking the wool from socks and pullovers so they could reuse the material to make newer clothes from their old clothes. " Many people were left with just the clothes they stood up in." (Sheffield Blitz). The bomb damage made people homeless. Their family unit was destroyed as the husband was at war, children been evacuated so the woman was left at home all alone. But the house would be destroyed, as there was no gas, water or electricity from the heavy bombing. "And came out owning no where and nothing" (Sheffield Blitz). Personal life was also affected as the war went up. The way it was affected that at the beginning of the war there was a rush in case they never saw them again if they died. But the wedding would be very different because the dresses couldn't be made, as people couldn't afford them. Wedding cakes were plain because food was on ration. Many children didn't know their fathers were. ...read more.


"To hell with Hitler, I'm going to the pictures." (Sheffield Blitz). This is a popular expression in Sheffield. As we know there were a lot of effects on people's lives during and after the war. The effects on home life was greatly improved by the rationing some of the fruits like banana's were unavailable because they were shipped into Britain, but they made up for it because 'Utility clothes' started and a lot of fashions started. The effects on leisure time were quite hard because there wasn't a lot of transport available. But they could still go to places like the cinema. Which kept the morale up. But it was greatly affected. The work life for women wasn't really affected because they had the chance to work, which they didn't have the chance to do before. But they did loose their job when the war ended and men came back. Personal life was affected badly as couples had a long period of time separated as the men were at war. A lot of husbands were killed or never came back. But there were a lot of marriages and divorces. So there was a lot effects some of them were for the good and some for the bad. Catherine Ravensdale 10T Rough Draft ...read more.

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