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What elements create suspense in the pre twentieth century story 'the withered arm' and the post twentieth century stories ' the darkness out there'?

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What elements create suspense in the pre twentieth century story 'the withered arm' and the post twentieth century stories ' the darkness out there'? In the two stories suspense is produced before you have even read a line in the book, the titles form suspense 'the withered arm' immediately you're wondering what it means. When you carry on reading the book and nothing is mention about an arm you are kept in an aspect of mystery and the same with 'the darkness out there' you are reading the story and it seems all nice, vivid, the sun is glowing and you're just waiting for some think to occur! Penelope lively the author of 'the darkness out there' drops a few red herrings, for instance when Mrs Rutter sends Kerry out into packers end to accumulate some fire wood, you think some think might happen then, because Sandra had been saying how much see was petrified of Packers end' you didn't go in by yourself through packers end if you could help it, not after tea time anyway'. ...read more.


In her place of work in the cowshed her aloneness adds to the suspense you want to know why no one will sit next to her when they are milking the cows she is like a loner. Rhoda's jealous obsession with Gertrude enhances the suspense, when she sends her son to go find out what Gertrude looks like and if she looks nice than Rhoda. The second protagonist in 'the withered arm' Gertrude also adds great amounts of suspense her kindly ways helping people in the village even buying Rhoda's son a new pair off boots. She is also very pretty her rosy cheeks, blonde hair and very lady like. As the book goes on she has an obsession with her disfigurement she tries to find any remedy for it, which drives her and her husband apart. In both stories the settings create suspense, in 'the withered arm' the gallows add suspense Gertrude can see them from Casterbrigde. In 'the darkness out there' packers end the woods adds suspense the way Sandra goes on about it 'voices coming out of the trees, nasty, creepy', 'all whippy saplings and brambles and a gully with a dumped mattress and bedstead and a old fridge. ...read more.


Rhoda also keeps the secret about going to conjuror Tendle from farmer Lodge her husband and in 'the darkness out there' Mrs Rutter keeps the secret of the German airmen. The fear of the unknown adds suspense, in 'the withered arm' Rhoda did not know what her rival looked like, in the end we find out it is Gertrude, but when Rhoda sends her son everywhere to find out what Gertrude looks like. Gertrude didn't know what were causing her disfigurement, which sends her mad trying to find out a cure, and the cause In 'the darkness out there' Sandra in her childhood has the fear of packers end all the tales of witches, wolves and the German airplane crashing into the woods makes Sandra scared of packers end right up until how old she is now. This adds to the suspense. Superstition plays an immense element in adding to suspense, in 'the withered arm' the curse on Gertrude and the cure for it are both superstition. In 'the darkness out there' fairytales that Sandra had heard, as a child about the witches and wolves in packers end is all superstition. ...read more.

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