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What is Romanticism?The romanticism movement was supposedly helped along by the French revolution of 1789.

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Lonya Burns JS11. What is Romanticism? 'Romanticism An artistic and intellectual movement originating in Europe in the late 18th century and characterized by a heightened interest in nature, emphasis on the individual's expression of emotion and imagination, departure from the attitudes and forms of classicism, and rebellion against established social rules and conventions.' In most peoples eyes, Romanticism is linked to the French who are renowned for their romantic views and poetic lifestyles. From serenading, to French kissing most 'romantic images' have originated in France. Having been to France you could certainly say Love is in the Air. Particularly in the capital - Paris, you can't walk down a street without couples cuddling, holding hands, kissing. Even the streets seem romantic. The views, the sights, the caf�s, the entire aspect of France is romantic. Speaking of caf�'s the food in France is spectacular, Champagne is the normal drink with a meal in restaurants, the pastry, the snails it's all very enticing and very much an aphrodisiac. The atmosphere the restaurants create is very romantic in the sense that it is all candlelit tables and soft music. ...read more.


This ties us into Love. Love is the most acclaimed emotion and covers a range of feelings. It can range from love for a classmate, to paternal and maternal love. It can be said of a piece of clothing, a song a film. It is most commonly used between spouses. Often Love is used in a faux-term. It is often used in a shallow, breezy way for example 'I absolutely love it' this is mere puppy love, or liking someone or something so much it seems like love. This makes the term "love" incredibly hard to define. Love has wide meanings and has been split into sub-meanings e.g. puppy love, passionate love, romantic love and committed love. These types of love can often be generalized into a level of sexual attraction. In common use, love has two primary meanings, the first being an indication of adoration for another person or thing, and the second being a relational status. Thomas Jay Oord has defined love in various scholarly publications as acting intentionally, in sympathetic response to others (including God), to promote overall well being. ...read more.


Blank and dreary on retrospection I call them; they were not so to me then. They were the eyry of freedom, and the pleasant region where unheeded I could commune with the creatures of my fancy. I wrote then - but in a most common-place style. It was beneath the trees of the grounds belonging to our house, on the bleak sides of the woodless mountains near, that my true compositions, the airy flights of my imagination, were born and fostered. I did not make myself the heroine of my tales. Life appeared to me too commonplace an affair as regarded myself. I could not figure to myself that romantic woes or wonderful events would ever be my lot; but I was not confined to my own identity, and I could people the hours with creations far more interesting to me at that age, than my own sensations." This quote tells us that this time was when she started believing the principles of romanticism. In 1892 Mary met Percy Bysshe Shelley a political radical and freethinker like her father. They eloped and got married where they embraced the Romantic lifestyle believing in emotions, nature and life. ...read more.

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