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What is the significance of the title "Heroes", written by Robert Cormier?

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English Essay: What is the significance of the title "Heroes"? This essay will explore and analyse the book titled "Heroes", written by Robert Cormier. I will look at how he explores the theme of heroism and how the characters are used to do so. What is a hero? Surely someone who is heroic for all of the right reasons, for doing something worthy of heroism. Not necessarily, as Cormier shows us. The book is about Francis Cassavant, who has come back from fighting in the war. He has suffered from dreadful facial injuries, and has a disfigured face. These injuries occurred during a so called act of heroism. Francis has nothing to lose and has a secret. He is determined to get his revenge on an old acquaintance; Larry LaSalle, the man who everyone else calls a hero. But Francis's secret changes that. Right at the beginning of the book we are introduced to Francis Joseph Cassavant. Francis has just come back from war, and he has become a "Big hero" a "silver star hero" He has "returned to Frenchtown in Monument" with terrible facial injuries. "I have no face." We then find out that the injuries occurred when Francis fell on a grenade during fighting in the war. ...read more.


Larry LaSalle was the man who was seemingly destined for death, and Francis was the man who would try to take his life. At the beginning of the book Larry appears to be every inch the hero, unlike Francis. They both gained silver stars, but there seems to be a huge difference in their characters. Larry LaSalle seemed to be the perfect role model. Good looking "Tall, slim man, a lock of blond hair tumbling over his forehead, and a smile that revealed dazzling movie star teeth." Talented "He was a dancer with the touch of Fred Astaire." "Dazzled by his talent and energy." People looked up to him, and he sounded like the perfect hero. He had all of the great qualities, and Guys wanted to be him, girls wanted to be with him. He was their "champion" and they were "Happy to be in his presence. Larry did rape Nicole, which seems far worse than what Francis did, but he still doesn't go out of his way to hide his heroism. Before the rape occurred Larry must have known that Francis fancied Nicole, as it appeared to be really obvious. Could he maybe have raped Nicole with spite? ...read more.


In the end she chose to forgive Francis "I'm sorry, you weren't to blame." Even though I doubt she will ever be as close to either of them as she once was. But she doesn't know about Francis's attempt of suicide. I don't think that Larry or Francis could be known as heroes. They have done some things with good intentions and may have acted as heroes; but any of the bad things that they have done just overrule the good things. At first I thought that Larry LaSalle raping Nicole was worse, making Francis more of a hero. Then I realised that even though Francis leaving Nicole with Larry wasn't that bad; he did try to take his own life on various occasions and even try to take Larry's. I have come to a conclusion that both of the characters are as bad as each other, and neither of them deserves to have the title "Hero." Robert Cormier uses flashbacks to before the war and things that happened after it. I think that it is quite effective in creating tension and building it up as the story goes along. After the war; we hear of what happened just after and what is happening in present time. Before the war; the flashbacks help us to learn a bit about each character and their history, and what they did to affect the future. Tsuki Harris ...read more.

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