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What message is conveyed in the climatic scenes of 'Gallipoli'?

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What message is conveyed in the climatic scenes of 'Gallipoli'? The film 'Gallipoli' is a film based on the battle at Gallipoli, which took place during the First World War, 1914-1918. It all began on 25th April 1915 when the Allied forces (Britain, France and Russia) assaulted the Gallipoli peninsula, near Turkey. On the 25th April alone, 2000 Australians were killed and wounded. The two main characters, Archy and Frank, are both young men from Western Australia, but they had different attitudes towards the war. Archy is very determined about going to war but Frank is unsure about it, and both of them are in involved in one the most hopeless battle of the First World War. Importantly the opening and closing scenes provide a big contrast to make the film more interesting, and to have a powerful impact on the audience, ensuring the message of the film is communicated. I think this film is not just a war film, and it's a film about friendship, because it is about how Archy and Frank join together as runners and as fighters at war. Although their attitude to war are different, but at the end of the film I can see that how Frank's disappointment indicate how important Archy is as a friend. ...read more.


This symbolises that what Archy and Frank were fighting for was a hopeless war, as they dressed in old and dirty clothes, the director also used this element to pass the message to the audience about the fact that Archy will not give up although it was a hopeless war. When they are showing the credits at the beginning of the film, the music used is mysterious and quite sad, so that we can know it is a war film, the fonts used are in red, and it reflects there will be blood and people dying when the film goes on. Close up shots are used when Archy is running. It gives contrast when Archy is running against Les, as long shots are used to show how fast he can run. The props used always symobolises things, like when they are reading the 'Jungle Book', Mowlgi leave the jungle was like Archy is leaving home to go to war. The newspaper title, 'Magnificent achievement', Splended Gallantry', Glowing Tribattle', and 'Baptism of fire', they are all encouraging Archy to go to war, because they are all positive way of Australians in war, that's way Archy wants to go. ...read more.


Archy was saying the mantra about running as fast as a leopard again, when he says the word, the audience will anticipate, shots used are focused on his face and mouth , it emphasizes the power of the words, as well as the loss of his life and his loss of talent. Tension was created when they are working at their best to try and stay alive, although it was hopeless, but the director uses music, and especially camera angles, to state out how bad it is. Close up shots are used, with some sort of slow action to build tension up, but it drops immediately when Archy was dead. The director used all sorts of things to help conveying the message to audience, using things like credits, music, special effects; it also makes it more interesting and looking forward to watch. The message passing through is that about how confident Archy is to the war and he is not scared of anything, no matter death. Generally, Peter Weir uses props and lighting to create tension to the audience, close up shots and wide camera angles are also used, it helps gives the message of how bad and hopeless it is when they are at war, mysterious and sad music are also used. ?? ?? ?? ?? Joseph Fisher ...read more.

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