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What methods does Rossetti use to tell the poem Maude Clare?

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What methods does Rossetti use to tell the poem Maude Clare? Maude Clare was written by Christina Rossetti in 1848. It is about a woman who is called Maude Clare and her love betrays her by marrying another woman who Maude Clare classes as a 'village maid'. While she is expressing her hatred toward him, she expresses her feelings towards Nell too as she tell her to keep her 'half of golden chain'. In this poem Rossetti has added a dialogue between Maude Clare and the women to make this poem more effective. The common themes used in this poem are of betrayal, secrecy, rejected love and bitterness which inform the readers about Maude Clare's feelings and situation. Christina Rossetti, throughout this poem, informs the reader of her anger towards her love 'Thomas' and his bride Nell. This poem by Christina Rossetti is an example of Ballad which has a rhyme scheme of AB AB and a regular repetition of words such as 'brought my gift' also this poem is written in third person narrative which tells us the eye witness of the story as Rossetti says ...read more.


In Victorian times if a women marries someone they legally no longer exist as a person just as property to the man. Which is why he is like a lord to her and he will decide everything for her even if he wants to love him as Nell says 'love him till he loves me best'. 'My lord gazed long on pale Maude Clare if ever he kissed the bride.' Thomas has betrayed Maude Clare by marrying Nell but he is has also betraying his new bride, rather than kissing her he stares at his lover, showing he would rather be with her. He didn't kiss his bride he just looked at 'pale Maude Clare,' as she is pale as she is upset and heart broken. The man she loves is marrying another women; this shows betrayal for both of the women. In 'Maude Clare' Rossetti portrays a spiteful and venomous character of Maude Clare as she says 'Here's my half of a golden chain...' clearly shows her bitterness towards her lord and wants him to know this. ...read more.


Mine of a paltry love.' Although she emphasizes the fact that it is her that he is in love with Nell replies to her saying 'yea though you are taller by the head, wise and much more fair; I'll love him till he loves me best, me best of all, Maude Clare.' She admits to Maude Clare that even though she is more beautiful and more perfect than her she (Nell) is willing to stand by her husband till he eventually feels the same way about her. By saying this she demonstrates many of the qualities listed in the poem which Clare clearly lacks. This poem by Christina Rossetti informs the readers about Maude Clare's obvious jealousy and bitterness towards her lover's new bride 'Nell' by using fierce language showing her inner and outer feelings towards the marriage. Rossetti also adds in sarcasm as Maude Clare blesses their 'marriage-bed' by adding herself in-between the intimacy they might have. Rossetti in this poem shows how powerful the men were in her society as they could pick and choose who they wanted to have relationship and who they didn't. ?? ?? ?? ?? Amina Bibi ...read more.

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