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What opinion of the character of Brutus have you formed from your reading of Shakespeare's play, Julius Caesar?

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*What opinion of the character of Brutus have you formed from your reading of Shakespeare's play, Julius Caesar? Needless to say that Brutus' name has always been connected with honour. This is the most striking feature of his character. Brutus' nobility is well known to all characters. This is clear through Shakespeare's presentation of people's points of view. Cassius describes him as "Brutus, thou art noble". Cinna also refers to his name as the "noble Brutus". Its Brutus nobility that makes him win people's love and respect as Casca explains, "sits high in all the people's hearts" What is more, we hear the same description from Antony who considers Brutus "the noblest Roman of them all". It's this nobility that makes Cassius ask Brutus to join the conspirasy against Caesar. Brutus' name would make people consider caesar's assassination a noble action "I love the name of honour more than fear death" as he declares. Shakespeare meant to focus attention on Brutus' rank in Rome - He wins people's respect. He also has a great influence upon people's hearts and minds. No wonder that the conspirators follow Brutus as their leader. ...read more.


Brutus could not understand Cassius' real motives behind his desire to get rid of Caesar. This is Brutus main flow and main fault. He could never expect that Cassius has his own personal motives against Caesar. He believes that all the people, like him, believe in honour. Being true and honest as he is, he believes that others are true. Here we can see that Brutus, our idealistic leader who commits several serious blunders. Brutus misjudges Antony's intentions as he describes Antony as a man "given to sports, to wildnees, and much company".. He believes that Antony is incapable of talking any step, "all that he can do is to himself, take thought and die for Caesar". This misjudgement is the biggest cause of Brutus' downfall especially that he gives Antony the chance of face the mob. An effective card that leads Brutus to lose every thing and Antony to win every thing. Contrast between Brutus and Antony is so sharp in the way they deal with the mob. It's the difference between Brutus the idealistic leader and Antony, the idealistic realistic one. ...read more.


We see in Brutus a model of idealism and a philosopher. His speech is full of wisdom and painciples but he fails to apply this wisdom on practical situations, as we have seen his speech with the mob. He surprises us with his steadiness in front of his wife's death and in the face of the approaching defeat in the battle. It goes without saying that our honourable leader is marked by gentleness like the gentleness of a lamb. This is clear in the way he deals with his wife "O ye gods, Render me worthy of this noble wife". He is also so gentle in his treatment of his boy servants. This gentleness is also clear in the quarrel scene with Cassius, Brutus accepts Cassius' apology. Brutus wins our hearts as well as the peoples with his gentleness. But we can't forgive him for his betrayal to Caesar. The stigma of assassination does attach to his name, especially that he has no real reasons against Caesar to join in the conspiracy. His betrayal is so great as Caesar expresses his pain in his words, "ET TU, BRUTE?" then fall Caesar. Brutus' final end shows his realization of his own crime against Caesar's frindship. -1- ...read more.

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