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what were the attitudes and values towards war?

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Text A is spontaneous speech extracted from an interview with Jane King, a history teacher at JM Campus (Sutton Coldfield College), a local college in the Erdington area. Speaker A is responding to a question asked and is voicing her views and opinions on the war in Iraq and what the intentions were of invading. The content of Text B is a planned speech delivered by former Prime Minister, Winston S. Churchill commonly known "Their Finest Hour". He is addressing the House of Commons on The Battle of Britain to come. Text C's is a scripted speech for a fictional character from the movie "Lord of Rings - Return of The King" and is performed by Viggo Mortensen as Aragorn, who is rallying his troops before battle because there is tension among them. This is because the different armies from different places need to be unified to make them fight to the death, as it is the war to end all wars. Text C has two audiences because it is from a movie. One audience is the army itself that Aragorn is addressing and leading, while the other audience is people watching the film. ...read more.


However in contrast to text C, where the volume is very loud, as he is shouting to get their attention and show his passion. Also the volume rises on certain words e.g. "heart", this is so the audience can feel his anger and concern. Text A's speakers pace is slow this might be, because she wants every word she speaks to go in. Text B also has a slow pace but this is just because Churchill had the knack of speaking slowly. The use of pauses in text A is limited as Jane makes use of the filler "umm" so she can think of what to say next. But in comparison to text C there are many pauses considering that he is giving a inspirational pre-war speech. There are pauses in certain areas so that the words sink into the two armies minds so that they will fight side by side until they die e.g. "Son's of Gondor (.)of Rohan (.)my brothers(.)" The phonological use of "Comes crashing" in text A is alliteration. The alliterate use of the letter c is so that the we can feel what Aragorn is saying. ...read more.


The use of the imperative in text C, "THIS DAY WE FIGHT" is to show the authoritative and passionate figure of Aragorn. Also in the same text is a declarative. "I bid you stand Men of the West", to show the obedience of the two armies to Aragorn after giving this speech which is why it is positioned towards the end. The discourse of all texts is are in first person. Text's B and C are both pre-war and for it even though it's a last resort. Text C mostly talks about a day when men will turn against their own but it can't be today because they need to join forces and defeat the enemy. Text B is about saving the whole world from sinking into the "abyss of a new Dark Age". But in contrast text A is post war and clearly quite negative "there's this question of legitimacy". Another negative attitude is the juxtaposition of "invading and interfering". Also Jane is biased because she knows the outcome of the war by using past terms "misled" and "obviously weren't" we know this. Although it could be said the other two texts are also biased except the major difference is that they are biased to save mankind. ?? ?? ?? ?? By Bushra Maqbool ...read more.

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