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Who or what is responsible for the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet

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Who or what is responsible for the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy mainly because of the downfall of the main characters through weakness or misfortune, which lead to their deaths but these flaws are not the only reasons for this tragedy, it is possible that their fate was "written in the stars" as there are many references made about these stars. Fate (the fact that life is already planned out and is out of human control) must be one of the key factors in causing the tragedy of the "star-crossed lovers" Romeo and Juliet. It is possible that there was "some consequence yet hanging in the stars"(I iv) that already had their lives scripted down and no matter how much Romeo wanted to defy them "I defy you stars"(I, vi) he could not. This must mean that Romeo's life was already planned out. But fate was not only interpreted in the stars, somehow it seemed that some of the characters foreshadowed their own fate, like Friar Lawrence foreshadowed "love so gentle in [Romeo's] view, should be so tyrannous in proof"(I, I), this meaning that Romeo may see the love he has now, as wonderful, but as it continues it causes trouble. ...read more.


he saw Juliet. Which shows he saw how beautiful Juliet was, and then decided, he "loved" her. But there is a quote which can be taken in two different ways, when Romeo says he "should adventure for such merchandise" this can be interpreted as a loving gesture said or as a sexual one either way the war between love and lust is still one which is being pondered by the people who see the play. The audience may believe that Romeo only had a physical attraction towards Juliet but we also need to consider that Romeo took his own life when he found Juliet "dead", and for this reason it makes the audience think that maybe Romeo really did love Juliet. But even if we acknowledge Romeo and Juliet's love was genuine it does not account for their rash and hasty behaviour. The friar must have believed that Romeo and Juliet were impatient and hasty as he said "wisely and slow, they stumble that run fast"(II, iii) meaning that the couple are too hasty in what they do. Even Juliet thought that their relationship was going too fast (at first) when she met Romeo, she thought that it was "too rash, too unadvised, too sudden"(II, ii) ...read more.


Therefore it is possible that social attitudes may have caused the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet. There are other causes that may have been responsible for the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet. The interference of the friar is one of the key factors, which may have caused the tragedy. The Friar married the couple for the wrong reason he thought that the "alliance may so happy turn [Romeo and Juliet's] households rancour to pure love" meaning that he only married them to try and end the feud between their families, it is ironic because he was right but the couple died. So the interference of the Friar may have been responsible for the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet. So we have seen that an uncontrollable fate may have caused the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet and that they foreshadowed their own deaths. This indicates that an element of fate was present through out the play. But we have seen much proof that points towards the couple hastiness and adolescence, which possibly made their love blind. We have also seen how the past grudge between the families brought the couple up as enemies this made their love hidden and dangerous. So it must have been a combination of the past grudge, the adolescent present and the uncontrollable future. ?? ?? ?? ?? By Joe Ross ...read more.

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