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Why did the British Government decide to evacuate

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Why did the British Government decide to evacuate children from Britain's major cities in the early stages of the Second World War? All over Britain children where getting evacuated all over the country, parent would take them from there homes and send them away to foster homes. The Government knew how many men they had lost in the First World War and they knew that they where going to lose a lot in this war too so they wanted to minimize it. But more importantly they evacuated the children because they expected the Germans to bomb the cities, there experience of WW1. The government uses propaganda saying that mothers must send their children to safety, yet they didn't mention that they had a plan of sending women to work. ...read more.


There where also the Anderson shelters which people had dug outside so incase the bomb alarm set off the whole family could fit into it, the shelter would normally have food and water, just like an ordinary home. There was also something called a 'Black Out' this was when the alarm rose people would dash to turn off the lights and rise shutters above the windows so if any passing planes were dropping bombs then they wouldn't see your home... hopefully. The phoney war was when the war had been declared yet no bombs hit no planes were passing over to bomb the brits or ally planes to bomb the Germans, this annoyed people and they even went over to the foster parents home and took back their children. ...read more.


So safety of the children was a major concern and that is why even before they declared war in 3 September they had started getting the children away from the cities. This would stop any panic if bombs were to hit. Conclusion The bombing is what made a lot of people panic about the welfare of their children so that's why first of all the government took over most the school so these could be used for war purposes and the need for women to work for war effort so they would work in places like ammunition factories. With the children gone this could then keep up morale so civilians didn't want to give up because we needed to win this war. ?? ?? ?? ?? Lewis Francis ...read more.

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