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Why did the British government evacuate children at the beginning of the Second World War?

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Why did the British government evacuate children at the beginning of the Second World War? At the start of the Second World War, the British government introduced a plan of evacuation. It was to evacuate children and pregnant women from evacuation areas where heavy bombing was expected. The heavy bombing was expected in large cities and industrial areas. The government expected a heavy bombing campaign in towns, cities, and industrial areas, so they expected heavy casualties. After the tragedies of World War 1, where Britain was bombed for the first time, this gave people real fear because it was the first time had been bombed and people had a lot of fear. ...read more.


The British people had also seen newsreels of bombardment on civilian and they would have thought if it is happen to them it could happen to us. They saw what happened in Manchuria in the war between Japan and china; they also saw what happened in Abyssinia where they the Italian attacked with poison gas. But especially in the Spanish civil war in Guernica where Hitler helped out by used German aircraft. He used this to test out the aircraft and there bombing techniques. Guernica was bombed on market day 1000s were killed, this was shown back in Britain as dead children lying in the streets. This will have given people a real fear in there minds and they would be thinking `are we next? ...read more.


Also 2 day before war was declared on September 1st 1939 people were issued with blackout instruction telling them to cover up window an keep light to a minimum so it would make it harder for the planes to bomb on a night. Children where evacuated for 2 main reasons, they would be in the way of the emergency services in towns and cities, parents would be worried about there children so they wouldn't be able to work properly. And that children are the next generation and they should be protected In conclusion when Britain evacuated 1000s of children it was seen as a wrong move because there was no bombing (this was the phoney war) but when air raids began in 1940 the government had been proved right and it had probably saved 1000s of children's lives. Ryan Belchamber ...read more.

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