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Why is Act 2 Scene 2 important for the play of Romeo and Juliet?

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Why is Act 2 Scene important for the play of Romeo and Juliet? William Shakespeare, who wrote the novel, Romeo and Juliet. It was one of his most romantic and successful plays during his time. Act 2 Scene 2 was the most important scene that happened in the play where Romeo has declared his love to Juliet. After the gatecrash of the Capulet's party Romeo snuck back in the Capulet's mansion, for the reason that Romeo fell madly in love at first sight, with the daughter of his parent's rival. Romeo trespassed just to find where she thought Juliet could be, I think it is not a coincidence for Romeo to find her but because of his soul and heart lead him to hers. He looked up at her room and Juliet appears. They declared how much they love each other and ended up exchanging vows, to get married the next day. Romeo promised to send a messenger to arrange their marriage. Without Act 2 Scene 2 the whole play makes no sense. ...read more.


For the fact that the universe would be nothing and the life cycle wouldn't be completed without the sun. Also, saying that he wouldn't be complete without Juliet. "It is my lady, O it is my love!" It is a short sentence with repetition used in it, and the word is 'my'. Shakespeare has written it like this to illustrate how rapidly they fell in love and to make their words so obvious. O is a sigh used to show their feelings and it is a good reaction to understand the emotion of Romeo in this play. "With love's light wings and I o'erperch these walls" With these words, alliteration is applied. It explain that Romeo have never thought of how hard he have to climb the walls, it is because of how strong his feelings are for her that made it more easier for him, as if he just flew over the wall. As I have learnt that Romeo is more of a romantic guy because during the first act, he devoted himself to Rosaline and always making poems describing her, but now at Act 2 Scene 2 Juliet's ...read more.


Although these words means that she wants him, so badly like Romeo does for her. "My bounty is as boundless as the sea" Her being realistic has gone and she is saying romantic words for Romeo but not much to show the audience that she love Rome as he love her. This is a rhyming word and so, I would describe this, as two broken hearts that should be together to heal each other's loneliness. This scene is very good, and stands out from the rest of the scenes. From the start we just saw violence and arguments going on but as we read on or watch the Act 2 Scene 2, we can tell that exaggerating emotions for love and courting is happening. Also, everyone could easily notice this scene being so different from the other scenes, because of its dissimilarity of having peaceful background, pleasant speeches, extreme and romantic spoken words, devoted reactions being acted between the two young lovers at present. That is why we could fully understand why they taken the risks to sacrifice their lives for each other. So, Shakespeare also intend to say that violence cannot drive away hatred but love can drive away hatred from every body's heart. ...read more.

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