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Why music is important.

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´╗┐Why Music IS So Important 40,000 years old flutes made from mammoth ivory are amongst the oldest man-made objects ever discovered. Compare this with reading and writing, the earliest forms of writing are no more than about 3500 years old. Music is a fundamental part of what makes us human. Every culture makes music and will ALWAYS continue to make music. The unique world of music has an amazing variety of styles and genres, from such well-known as classical, pop, rock, jazz, to new genres ; idm, dubstep, synthpop and trancestep with a vast amount of new genres being invented as we speak. ...read more.


Even if music isn?t something you are crazy about, hearing something as simple as a Christmas song in July reminds you of winter nights by the fire, eating roast turkey having a glass of mulled wine with your family. Other than the obvious emotions that music evokes, music has some amazing scientific values. Music with a strong beat stimulates our brainwaves to resonate in time with the beat. It means that faster music, such as drum and bass, brings alert thinking and energy, while slower tempo can turn you into a deep meditation. Music has been used in therapy to help people with speech problems to talk again. ...read more.


Imagine a life without music. your body would not move to rhythm or shed a tear at a beautiful melody, the hairs on the back of your neck wouldn?t rise from hearing your favourite artist play the first few seconds of your favourite song, no concerts or festivals, even your alarm clock would be a generic loud noise and would instantaneously put you in a bad mood for the day. Music is the base of our body; it starts with the rhythm of our heart and spreads through to the soul. Some of my favourite lyrics are from Ed solo with his song ?We play the music?. ?Life without music?s unbearable, so terrible, unfeasible. Unbelievable and incomprehendable, can you imagine a life without festivals?? Life without music would be extremely bleak. Luke schol ...read more.

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