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William Shakespeare act 1 scene 1 of Romeo and Juliet

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Essay Romeo and Juliet William Shakespeare makes act 1 scene 1 of Romeo and Juliet dramatically interesting in several ways he uses language, comedy, structure, themes, and the attraction between characters. The most dramatic would be structure, Shakespeare structures his plays with a big feud at the beginning of the play this catches the attention of the audience and encourages the audience into the play. Shakespeare's play is set in Verona in the 12th or 13th century when the renaissance had already started in Europe, when Romeo and Juliet was written it was in a time of increased awareness of the tragedy of lives, as you can see in Shakespeare's romantic tragedy of the 'star-crossed lovers'. We are reading the oxford school of Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet that was published in 1982, but the original play was written around 1599. When this play was performed in the 12th and 13th century the stage would be a big wooden box out side in a town square where the community would gathered to enjoy themselves it would be performed in the open air and the audience wouldn't be sat down quiet, they would be stood up drinking and having a good time so Shakespeare had to put a loud dramatic scene a the beginning of the play to catch the audience attention. ...read more.


This makes the audience interested and their attention is caught on the play. Another dramatic device is when the Prince arrive in the middle of their fight, soon as the prince arrives in the play, it all stops, and everyone goes quiet, this makes the audience detected a tense atmosphere between the two family. The prince says " If ever you disturb our street again, your lives shall pay the forfeit of the peace" By looking at the comment you can tell that the prince has a high authority and people respects him There is a lot of historical, culture and social context in Romeo and Juliet, for example the fight scene begins with an old Italian insult of someone biting their thumb at one another this is what caused the big feud between the two families the capulets and the montagues. The people of that century respected and looked up to authority in Elizabethan times a prince kept the order and there was a strict hierarchy of power and wealth which is shown in the play by the prince giving orders and stopping the feud between the two families. When the play was written in the Elizabethan times the culture of the people, was to get married very young which is shown ...read more.


If a modern day audience went to the theatre to watch this play it wouldn't be acceptable because in the play Sampson express his oppion about women "Tis true and therefore women, being the weaker vessel, are ever thrust to the wall" A modern audience would not agree with this because we are all equal but he refers to women as being the weaker sex which isn't acceptable in our times. Over all I think Shakespeare does a brilliant job of entertaining an audience with his play, he involve lots of feelings such as love hate emotion anger violence comedy and excitement when I first read this play I really wanted to get to the end of the play so I could find out what has happened. William Shakespeare makes act 1 scene 1 of Romeo and Juliet dramatically interesting in several ways, I have discussed about structure, language, dramatic devices, themes reflected in the play and comedy and how the play relates to modern day relevance. I would say the strongest device would be the themes and the structure of the play, so the structure is what the play depends on and the theme is what the play is about because as we know Romeo and Juliet is all about the theme love versus hate. Victoria Walters 11c course work miss O'Malley ...read more.

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