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Willy's image of America is a mistaken one.

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"Willy's image of America is a mistaken one; it is no longer that land of opportunity but a concrete jungle." Discuss In the Twentieth Century, America became more popular as more people from overseas were attracted to the 'American Dream'. This meant that the population in America increased and so life in America became more competitive. Those who wanted to succeed needed to be strong in character and in mind; there was no place for the weak. Therefore, only some would survive and make it to prosperity and the others would be 'trampled upon' and left behind in the race for success. "That's what's ruining this country! Population is getting out of control! The competition is maddening!" Here in Act 1, Willy can be seen recognising that an increase in people means an increase in competition. Therefore, people have to try harder in order to become successful, since they have to beat those who are trying for the same position. ...read more.


This belief may keep Willy determined enough to believe that he can still be successful and so he still believes that America is the land of opportunity for all; for those of all ages. However, it is impossible for everyone to gain prosperity simply through hard work and determination. Therefore, the poor become penalised as their poverty is seen as proof of their laziness. There is no opportunity for them and they are left behind in society. So, they are not allowed to progress through the 'concrete jungle'. On the other hand, one can argue that America is still the land of opportunity, but only for certain, privileged people. Hence, we have to take into account the family and wealth one is born into, as well as the traits that they have such as natural intelligence. These have a bearing on the potential success someone has in life. An example of this is Bernard, who has made the most of his opportunities by studying hard in school. ...read more.


In conclusion, Willy's image of America is a mistaken one up to a point. This is because Willy believes that one can succeed on popularity and personality alone and this is shown to be wrong. Hence, America cannot be the land of opportunity for those who are not willing to make the most of the opportunities that are there for them. Likewise, it cannot be the land of opportunity for those who turn their backs on the opportunities or those who are blinded form the opportunities that are best for them. This is in the case of Willy who did not recognise that he could have turned the skills he had in carpentry into a successful profession. That is rather than becoming a salesman, where he lacked in skill and ability. America then becomes a concrete jungle when those who are not successful struggle to become successful, since new opportunities do not occur over and over again. Therefore, those who failed to recognise a past opportunity in becoming successful cannot gain any more opportunities and they become stuck in a concrete jungle. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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