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Comparative poetry essay Rebecca Newiss 10O2 24th June With detailed reference to "Candle in the Wind" and "Remembrance Day" compare how the different authors present and explore the situation of being an outsider. The two poems "Candle in the Wind" written by Elton John and Bernie Taupin and "Remembrance Day" written by Andrew Peters are both heart wrenching, impulsive, emotional and thought provoking poems. Both poems expressively highlight the issues of suicide, drugs, bullying, isolation, acceptance and being an outsider. They do this with powerful vocabulary and very effective language features. Within this essay I intend to discuss how different authors present and explore the situation of being an outsider within the context of a poem. I will find the effects that the mood, tone and the raised issues have on their targeted audience and how the authors create a vivid image in our minds. Also how the atmosphere is created. Firstly, I will analyse the poem by Elton John, "Candle in the Wind". There are many themes and issued raised in this poem that are very significant and truthful in the portrayal of Marilyn's life. She was lonely and isolated from the rest of the world and often had nobody to rely on, this is shown throughout the poem, "Loneliness was tough" and also "Never knowing who to cling to", these lines show she could never trust anyone and her life was very strenuous. Interrogation from the media and her bosses was also a theme as these were people that ruled and dominated her life, pressure she received from these caused her fatal death, "All the papers had to say that Marilyn was found in the nude". Pressure is a large theme that played a part in Marilyn's life, she was trapped and could not escape, she had been fabricated into a sex symbol superstar and there was no turning back for her, "They set you on a treadmill and made you change your name". ...read more.


Other images are, Marilyn managed to keep herself together whilst her life broke down around her, she stood tall, this showed Marilyn's strength of character and her admiration to carry on. "You had the grace to hold yourself whilst those around you crawled". The poem creates an image of pure evil when describing the press and her bosses, they were insects, the actions they carried out to make her a star also showed this evil, "They made you change your name". They just wanted to make money from her, "Even when you died the press still hounded you". The word hounded sounds like animals, they were not human or they would have seen that they had caused a woman of endless talent to total destruction. I shall now analyze the poem Remembrance Day written by Andrew Peters. This poem shares some of the same themes that are embraced in the poem "Candle in the wind". The themes and issues highlighted in this poem are bullying at school and its link with the war and death, the second line is an example of this, "Does bullying's shellshock ever cease?" Bullying is an issue that is often raised at school, whereas shellshock is connected with a physiological pain and torture after a war. Suicide is another issue that is strongly emphasized in this poem as it is about children taking their own lives after excessive bullying. "James, too posh for the common attack went over the top with a hit of smack." again the deaths are linked with war. Drugs are related with teenagers or youths, as these are the vulnerable few that can't say no. Therefore Andrew Peters has also included this issue in this poem, "Retreated in the warmth of dope", drugs are seen as an escape route for some. The reason all these children were being bullied is because they were considered as outsiders and they did not fit in with the crowd, they were then stereotyped by the bullies and became isolated. ...read more.


The main image we get is loneliness and acceptance, "Leaving the lost ones with lonely fears" this shows they were not accepted because of a number of reasons that they were helpless to change, these were the victims and the outsiders. In conclusion to "Candle in the Wind" and "Remembrance Day" I have compared how different authors present and explore the situation of being an outsider. I have found that in "Candle in the wind" the audience is a large group of people and the language is formal, the poem is more dedicating to one particular person and there is a message but it is not made as apparent as in "Remembrance Day". In the poem by Andrew Peters, the audience is much smaller as it is aimed at teenagers and bullies, to target and capture their interest the language is informal and very laid back with explicit detail. The message made is put across very bluntly and is not as dedicating to one particular person, instead it is to the "sensitive few". Both are very effective in their own ways when they present the situation of being an outsider, but I agree that "Remembrance Day" is more shocking as this includes issues of death, war and bullying in more explicit terms. It is because of this I like this poem and the way it presents the situation of being an outsider more than "Candle in the wind", I don't feel "Candle in the wind gets its message across as effectively as "Remembrance Day". My emotive response to "Candle in the wind" was sudden sadness and shock and I could not believe what she had to endure, I realized she was not just an idol but the public almost owned her and she was granted no freedom even when she died. Whereas for the poem "Remembrance Day" my response was anger and hatred towards the bullies and also disbelief that his could happen and nobody acted to stop it. It is fair to say that both poems present the situation of being an outsider realistically and interpret its own message effectively. Rebecca Newiss ...read more.

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