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World Lit Essay on Therese Raquin

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World Lit Essay on Therese Raquin The central protagonist in the 19th century realist novel, Therese Raquin enters into two different relationships with Camille and Laurent respectively. Camille is being formally acknowledged as her husband while she is in an adulterous relationship with Laurent. The nature of these two relationship is contradictory, with the former one being passionateless and the latter one being opportunistic. The motivations behind these two relationships are also worth investigating. Unfortunately, both relationship turns out to be a "tragedy" and causes severe impact on her. Camille and Therese are paired up mostly due to the arrangement of Madame Raquin. As her son's growth has been retarded, the more desperate she is to find a "guardian angel" for him in case of unexpected death. To her, Therese is a logical choice to "make a watchful nurse for Camille." As for Therese, she feels obliged to marry Camille due to Madame Raquin's generous hospitality for the past years and dare not reject her offer. ...read more.


On the edge of bankruptcy and with "his flesh going hungry", he will certainly have nothing to lose to pick up Therese in order to satisfy his appetite as he assumes that he can discard her whenever he is sick of her. He is so self-centered and expedient that he visits the Raquin family after work because he "doesn't know where else to go", he "has not enough money to hang about in cafes" and he can "save the three sous on his rum and coffee". Therefore, he develops an affair with Therese though "he's not in the least in love with her". As for Therese, she is being crushed by Laurent and without doubts she is prepared to give her whole self without reserve to Laurent. Laurent is the sort of man who "throws Therese off her balance and plunges her into a sort of nervous anguish". ...read more.


He is not subjected to restrictions form any forces. However, his self-centered actions hurt Therese directly and form permanent scars in her heart. For instance, The relationship between Camille and Therese can be described as apathetic. Camille seldom shows up in the shop and prefers to wander about all day with dragging steps. He enjoys his long day in his grand department so much that "he will go to bed early and leave at eight in the morning". Whenever he is done with his meal and reading, he will drop off to sleep immediately. Days follow days, they remain pensive throughout a whole evening with not much communication and definitely no physical contact between the both of them. All in all, Camille and Therese have no passion to each other. They are just being bind together unnaturally by external force which unavoidably leads to the destruction of their marriage. As for Therese and Laurent, they possess some degree of reciprocal passion towards each other and to a small extend there's a degree of equality in their union. 1 ...read more.

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