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world war 1

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First day of Basic Training July 3rd Today was the first day of my basic training and the day me and Hobbs met our fellow Conrad's. I'm so happy that me and Hobbs had come in this together as he is a local friend back from home. We are told that tomorrow we will be doing more training for war as our time to go to war is approaching us. This makes me miss my beloved Joanne even more. Today we also received our uniform which we had been waiting for but it did take us a while of boot switching so everyone could find the comfiest boots for them. as before peoples boots were either too small or too large. Our uniform also consisted of a bayonet, a helmet, a shovel, a rifle, ammo and the army jacket and trousers. ...read more.


It could be anything from enemy machine guns or it may even be our allies. I am still awaiting a letter from Joanne I hope nothing has happened to her and that she is safe. St Omer France July 6th Thankfully when we had arrived in France earlier this morning the town of St Omer was mainly controlled by our allies the French meaning there was little for us to do. I cannot wait to get my first kill as I still have not had to fire my gun. I hope it will not be long until I come face to face to the enemy and I get that kill that I have been waiting for. We have been told to remember a speech encase we start to feel crazy it goes like this. This is my rifle ..... ...read more.


St Omer July 8th War is not paradise. Today I experienced my first sign of combat and fired many bullets but still no first kill I have now discovered that it was all a big lie war isn't as easy as it was cracked out to be it is like a death zone where the only survivors will be in hospital for a while anyway from serious injuries I should have listened to Joanne and not came. Today me and smith herd news of the others and they did not make it through the attack at this moment in time the two things keeping me from suicide is Joanne and that first kill. I have the letter with me which contains the answer that Joanne has sent me after I asked her to marry me. I am not allowed to open it as any second now we are going to be attacked by the enemy and sergeant says it isn't time for emotions. But I cant help feeling ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level War Poetry section.

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