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World War 1 Diary entries of a Soldier

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World War 1 Diary entries of a Soldier Note The soldier is in hospital, thinking about the future, present and past, creating diary entries. Looking back over what I have done for my country, I feel proud knowing I fought in the war. And I know I am going to die, it's inevitable. The chances of me surviving are too slim to mess with. But thinking about little Sarah-Jayne and my darling wife Charlotte Marie, I really don't know if it was all worth it. I mean fighting in the war is good for your country and all that business, but my wife and child will have to live with the scars of my death. And just to think, I missed four of Sarah-Jayne's birthdays, she would be seven know. You see, I've missed my daughter's years of adapting and growing up. ...read more.


I've just found out the real reason why I am in here. The doctors told me I had inhaled gas, but it wasn't effecting me, that I needed to be kept safe form the fighting in case of another gas attack. But that is all a lie, for I am suffering from the attack, I've discovered that the gas is spreading round my body, and it won't take long now for it to take affect. I've been lied to, how can I trust my country now? How can I ever believe what they say? Just thinking about little Sarah-Jayne and my loving wife makes me realise how much I want to go home. Home, oh how I love that word. Home is where I belong, I survive only at home, my safe, protected home. Where my life lies as memories in peace, away from all war. ...read more.


And at every move we make, we lose another dozen soldiers. I saw Mick, from next door but one, earlier on today, being shot in the air by a bomb landing near him. He landed in many places, torn apart by the power of the explosion. Blood and body parts falling everywhere, we carry on, knowing death awaits us. The blood, the agony, the misery and the pain. They are the images that will scar my mind, for me to live with forever, never to be erased. This is going to be my last diary entry. I just want to say, if you are reading this Charlotte, I love you so much. You and Sarah-Jayne are the people that kept me going, you kept me alive. Thank you for being there in my happy times. My memories will keep me satisfied. And whatever people may say, do believe in the old lie, for it is true: "Dulce et decorum est, Pro patria mori" Robert Lingley signing out ...read more.

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