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Write a critical analysis of the text you have read. Isabella Bird female explorer's letter A sense of place

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Frances Ernstzen Write a critical analysis of the text you have read. ? Isabella Bird letter (13) ? A sense of place The is an extract of a letter written by a female explorer, Isabella Bird, in the Victorian era in 1901 to her friend describing a trip she has taken to Morocco. The purpose of the letter is to describe the places she has visited, all the things that she?s seen there and to convey her thoughts and opinions on these things. The addressee of this letter isn?t given or named but we know it is her friend when she uses the second person in ?You would fail to recognise your infirm friend? which shows that she is interacting personally with the audience. Due to the letter being addressed to her friend, it allows her to adopt a chatty, informal tone and be honest in her opinions of places whilst also giving as much detail as she likes to inform her friend. ...read more.


This also conveys her style as a very dramatic narrator. Bird, however, does convey a positive attitude to the cultural traditions in Morocco. For example, when she talks about being at some of the ?grand sights? she mentions being in ?Moorish disguise, pure white and veiled.? This shows that she is very respectful of the religious influence and culture of the area she?s in and that she adopts their dress style (code) to show that. However, there are some aspects of the culture that she does see negatively. For example when talking about the ?oppression and cruelty? she sees there. She uses the pre-modifier ?hellish? to describe it. While in current day speech this word may not be seen as very powerful, of the time, when religion had much greater an influence and more followers, it was a very harsh word used scarcely. The idea of various modes of transport that she has used on her trip are also spoken about by Bird in this letter. ...read more.


Furthermore this shows the research and knowledge Bird holds as she knew no female had before seen the Moroccon Emperor before her, further emphasising her occupation as an explorer. The structure of the text conveys the choppy, journal type fashion in which it was written with each paragraph discussing the next aspect or place that Bird had seen or visited. Bird successfully presents her attitude to the cultural traditions and to the places themselves and also effectively informs her audience, a friend, of the geography and transportation modes in Morocco. Lastly, her friend who is the intended audience of this letter would probably have been able to tell that one of the most important aspects of the trip to Bird conveyed in the letter is of her visit, as the first woman, to the Moroccan Emperor. This Bird achieves through it including it in her letter at the very end, as though it is a final reflection on the trip. ...read more.

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