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Write a dramatic monologue in the style of Aaron reflecting on the motivation for his actions at one point in Act II of Titus Andronicus.

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´╗┐In contemporary prose, but creating a voice and style which is suitable for the character write a dramatic monologue in the style of Aaron reflecting on the motivation for his actions at one point in Act II of Titus Andronicus. Act 2.3 Line 1 (page 114) Enter Aaron alone Hiding a bag of gold is not an act of absurdity; it is an act of retribution that I, Aaron have kindly donated to the spiteful Andronicus. The smell of sweet vengeance under my black second class citizen nose travels up through my right nostril and straight into my wisdom. My wisdom constantly conquering the smell of seduction that passes via the left nostril. Aaron?s mind trapped into achieving revenge. Whatever happens after this bag of gold vanishes, I promise to thee beautiful Tamora I am a man of my word. However a word may not be possibly used to characterize me. Rome?s beloved ornament metamorphosed into the Goths rape hole. The hole in which many men fall into. The day of doom is soon to commence, blood will emerge from these holes. Many years of untouched love will soon experience forced pleasure. Once this deed is done, the empress of my soul will have to be dealt with, the same way ornament of Rome?s chastity will be branded. ...read more.


The hole in which many men fall into.? Bassianus is found dead in a pit followed by Quintus and Martius who also fall into this ?unhallowed and bloodstained hole.? Lavinia also having her ?hole? violated by force. The constant reference to a hole represents a mark of death; ?blood-drinking pit.? It also can refer to the two fertile holes in this act which is both shown, the rape of lavinia and the seduction from Tamora. ?Blood will emerge from these holes? this quote continues to symbolise the inevitable rape and death events due to take place soon in the act. ?Hiding a bag of gold is not an act of absurdity; it is an act of retribution? by using this quote this is showing that Aaron is seeking retribution. I used the word ?retribution? due to Aaron?s stature in 1593 where Titus Andronicus was set; throughout the play he is referred to ?Moor? and looked as a ?devil? due to his ?hue.? ?Ay, like a black dog as the saying is? ?Aaron will have his soul black like his face? here he is embracing what has been forced upon him. He has referred himself to a ?black dog? it?s almost as if he is doing these heinous deeds to fit his stereotypes. ...read more.


?A child whom will shine in pearl and gold. A child that? this quote is meant to show Aarons desperation to children, this is also the reason why I have mentioned Tamora?s seduction to be on his mind as much as revenge, revenge is his priority yet it makes sense why Tamora could is his second priority. The stage directions used in this monologue is also briefly showing Aaron is up to something, Enter Aaron alone, Aaron digs up a hole and hides the bag of gold, Aaron takes a seat on a shallow tree stump, Enter Tamora alone with Aaron. From these stage directions the structure of them is leading to something inevitable, I have used the stage directions in this effect because Shakespeare uses a lot of stage directions throughout Titus to structure the scene chronologically so it is much more effective. Overall Aaron can be interpreted as this loathsome, diabolical character with an obnoxious attitude. However I ultimately think those who are brought up in a society where being a different coulor is basically illegal influences the way the character undertakes life later on. I think the evil that lurks inside Aaron is innate, and it is there not to inflict pain, but to deliver an act of retribution due to the way he has been treated in early life. Sagar Gautam 12IW ...read more.

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