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Write about the significance of one or two key events in the Rime of the Ancient Mariner

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Verity Smith Write about the significance of one or two key events in the Rime of the Ancient Mariner The key moment I have chosen is when the sailors are starting to feel the lack of water; initially they think they have been cursed because the Mariner shot the Albatross. ?The bloody sun? the description bloody makes the sun sound like an enemy, something going against them, it isn?t as glorious as they thought when they first set out on their voyage. The blood may also symbolise the blood of the albatross, he has killed the albatross and now the bird?s blood is left on his hands. ...read more.


When you are longing for something or waiting for something time always seems to go much more slowly. Here the sailors want water to satisfy their thirst and longing for it rain but this longing is making time seem to pass by more slowly. ?Water, water every where, and all the boards did shrink? the irony of the boat being surrounded by water but none of it can be drunk by the sailors. They are being teased by the vast majority of water surrounding the boat but they can?t have it which makes them long for water more. ...read more.


?Of the spirit that plagued us so,? this spirit is a metaphor for possibly the albatross? spirit following them with its curse that it has placed on the boat and the sailors. A spirit suggest the sailors are being superstitious to why all these terrible occurrences are happening to them and why they are being sent to their death so suddenly. They are starting to feel like death is approaching now that they are being followed by spirits they seem closer to death. The sailors are preparing themselves for what is to come and are starting to accept that they are on death?s door. ...read more.

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