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WRITE ABOUT THE WAYS IN WHICH ANGELA CARTER USING SYMBOLISM AND OTHER LITERARY TECHNIQUES TO TELL THE STORY IN 'THE BLOODY CHAMBER'. 'The Bloody Chamber' was published in 1979 along with nine other short stories in an anthology called 'Burning Your Boats'. They are all of which are based on well known fairytales. Angela Carter chose to write 'The Bloody Chamber' based on the fairytale 'Bluebeard' with key plot events and characters being very similar. The story is about a young seventeen year old woman on her honeymoon with her new much older husband. Eventually, she discovers his past pleasures of murdering his previous wives when the reader understands that this is too her fate she is rescued by her mother. Carter, being recognized for her feminist, magical realism and science fiction works, used a lot of symbolism, imagery and other literary techniques to portray her views. Symbolism is used in great use in 'The Bloody Chamber' to refer to abstract ideas rather than literal properties. ...read more.


In addition to it is a way to symbolize what the Marquis is going to do to her. The Marquis also requests the narrator to put the choker on while they have intercourse; "He kissed them [the rubies] before he kissed my mouth" which gives the impression that not only is he aroused by the necklace and his plan to decapitate her but cares more about the rubies and thoughts associated with them than the act of intercourse itself. At the beginning of the story, the narrator's wedding dress is 'wrapped in tissue paper and red ribbon' Carter may have used this to connote blood and foreshadow the amount she sees in the bloody chamber. Along with association with blood, it is a colour linked with Christmas time so therefore represent that at this point in the narrative the narrator hopes to encounter a merry and happy marriage but in retrospective knows that it will not be a happy ending unlike a conventional fairytale. To the reader red may also connate love which relates to whether she loves him. ...read more.


The word 'silk' has a soft sound consonant which makes the dress and situation of the narrator is almost sinister and slimy, this makes the reader feel at unease as well as forecasts the character of the Marquis that we later find out. It also may suggest that the Marquis has control over the narrator mother because he tells her what to wear for the wedding. Lilies play a large part in foretelling the narrator's fate. They are also another symbol for the Marquis' character, "strange, ominous calm of a sentient vegetable, like one of those cobra-headed funeral lilies". The words "possessed" and "ominous" suggested that the Marquis is possessed with evil spirits and death, like the lilies, it also supports the recurring theme of magical realism in many of Carter's narratives. The words "calm" followed by strange suggest and reinforces the Marquis's calculating and controlled manner of character traits. Furthermore, Carter uses personification and similes to describe the Marquis like various animals. Carter has used the words "cobra" and later on "vellum" sounds like venom to signify that in retrospect the narrator feels that the Marquis has poisoned, deluded and manipulated her to get what he wants. ...read more.

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