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Write about the ways in which the opening Act of Tempest presents the ideas of authority and control and the ways in which these are achieved. Make links to Translations as and when appropriate.

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Write about the ways in which the opening Act of Tempest presents the ideas of authority and control and the ways in which these are achieved. Make links to Translations as and when appropriate. The opening Act of Tempest presents a lot about the main theme of authority and control, and they are achieved in many ways, and can be linked to Translations as well. The first Act consists of two scenes which are intertwined within the theme of authority and control by many characters. Act 1, Scene1 starts off with a storm and there is 'thunder and lightning' hence the use of pathetic fallacy indicates towards danger onboard. The 'Master' says 'Boatswain' and therefore there is already symbolisation of authority within the premature play. This already indicates control over the Boatswain, while throughout the scene he tries to prevent the boat from wrecking by following orders. The authority is readily transferred to Boatswain while he commands other to help him and mentions 'What cares these roarers for the name of the King?', showing he is unmoved by whoever is the on ship and therefore gives priority to his master. ...read more.


Prospero questions Miranda three times whether she was listening, and therefore asks 'Dost thou attend me?' this shows how he emphasises his authority eve in small ways, and controls her by reminding her of his authority. Throughout the story it is noticed that Prospero had become too inclined to his own studies thereby allowing his authority of King to be undermined by his brother Antonio, hence Shakespeare expresses the possibility that authority and control can be vanquished. Prospero also uses language to get favour on his side, and therefore concentrates on his good deeds, ignoring his lack of attention to his kingdom in the past, also outlines Antonio's betrayal strongly as he had been hurt. Therefore Prospero's magic isn't the only element of authority, his rhetoric speech and language aids him as well. When Ariel is introduced to the play, he appears to be a servant again signaling to authority and control, and when Ariel questions authority, he is harshly reminded by Prospero of how he rescued her and therefore classifies Ariel as being ungrateful and needing to be 'once in a month' recalled of Prospero's good deeds. ...read more.


When Ferdinand is stranded on the island, he encounters Ariel where they both fall in love, which can be linked back to where the foreigner Yolland likes Maire and their love is seen as a hope for harmony, and therefore Ferdinand and Miranda could be seen as a possibility for peace and forgiveness for usurping Prospero. However Prospero dislikes the sudden fall in love between the two, and therefore threatens Ferdinand, where Ferdinand draws his sword, and after drawing it, Prospero freezes him through magic showing control; however Miranda does retaliate towards any harshness towards Ferdinand. Therefore linked to Translation Sara becomes a hindrance between Maire and Yolland as well. Overall this Act outlines a lot about authority and control in many different ways through magic, language, colonised language. Prospero gains authority through magic and speck which is threatening, however in the past he loses authority due to lack of attention to kingdom. The master has authority and control over Boatswain by simple words therefore showing different forms of authority and control. While the play also shows victims of authority like Ariel, who are undermined and degraded. ...read more.

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